Samstag, 17. Oktober 2015

drawing challenge: cover

I am not happy at all with that painting... cover it again and again... 

at least sometimes a detail I like.

but I still haven't found what I'm looking for...

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and have a fine weekend!


  1. You are so brave, dear Stefanie,
    I wanna try it, too, to cover and cover again a painting! This kind of quest, sometimes a hunt, no? But at that point you cover it again, now with a (pretty) blanket. Ja, save it, a beautiful painting is in the making by you!

    (...) both one and twain, your canvas (a butterfly, a ginkgo leave ;-)) Thank you for playing and for the glimpse under the blanket.
    Madame Rose. Ariane.

  2. Oh yes. I completely understand, (although I think it looks just fine). The amount of times I've covered a painting... or worse, sanded it down completely off the canvas. Oh yes. I keep telling myself to just keep going though. Keep covering it. :D Hey, there's an artist here Alisa Burke and I remember she just made a little video completely covering a big painting. Thought you might like to see it. :D

  3. ha!
    the still-haven't-found-what-i'm-looking-for piece... yeay, i'd say, for i am kind of liking all the in between stages i saw passing by on FB this week. i think you are creating abundantly and don't you judge it too soon, you ARE on your way!! 's looking GOOD!! n♥
    ps - i also LOVE that vintage curtain, reminds me of my younger self.... ;)))

  4. The good thing about painting over and over and that you get a very satisfying layer of paint build-up - at least I like that. I like that the painting is percolating under the cover. Enjoy. Thanks for showing us the process!

  5. i love how we can cover art over and over again until we are happy
    seems kind of magical to me
    a good thing to remember when not happy, oh yea, i can cover it some more ;-)
    I enjoyed seeing the unfolding of this piece!

  6. Thank you for sharing the process: I find that very intimate and fascinating. The way you paint is very similar to mine : cover after cover.. xo Leena

  7. Nice to see the process. I'm looking forward to the final result. - eric

  8. Manchmal führt das befriedigende Ergebnis einfach nur über die Zerstörung und manchmal muß man manches auch für eine Weile ganz abdecken! Thanks for sharing.
    barbara bee


Danke - thank you - merci bien!