Dienstag, 14. Juli 2015

the french bol

there´s a french bol in my studio...

a  detail of:

"lavender dreaming" 90x60 cm, acrylic, oil crayon on canvas

daily project 8.7.


  1. omg, stefanie, i've not been in your studio for what seems like ages, which it is!!!
    i'm so sorry, i've been out of blogland reading for so long now. when i was on holidays, i was off line for 11 days, what a refreshment, and i'm only slowly getting back into the hang of things.
    your sister already mentioned of you women living in berlin before. was this when you were both still at home then?
    i must say, i did love the place. not at first, and i do miss her more now, while being back home, if that makes sense....

    i'm glad you're at work and making your daily impressions. and i could do with that bowl right now, because i'm moving towards breakfast. anyway, stefanie, thxs for passing by. till soon, x n♥

  2. I love your French bowl painting! I am very fond of painting bowls too. Love the shape. :0)

  3. Wie schön, den Weg der Schale vom Atelier ins daily project und von dort ins Gemälde verfolgen zu können. Danke und viele Grüße. Lucia

  4. the bowl has taken me over at IG already, the complete painting does even more. And I love the idea, both of us working with one of Celine's postcards always close by. xx a.

  5. Wie schön dich malen zu sehen und was die wunderschöne Schüssel für Assoziationen auslöst. lavender dreaming, auch wenn's Englisch ist, ich "sehe" Französich... Lieben Gruß Ghislana

  6. I congratulate you! I love to see when an artist shows a little of their "kitchen" !!!!! and where their inspiration comes, it is very didactic!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Stefanie!!

  7. ich liebe bols und sie sind absolut unverzichtbar für meinen Frühstückstee… Dein zweidimensionaler ist sehr schön! herzliche Grüße!


Danke - thank you - merci bien!