Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2015

neue Bilder - new paintings

Bettgeschichten - bed time stories, 80x60cm

Hände hoch - hands up, ca. 8x8 cm

tauchen - diving, 20x20 cm

Vogelich - birdy me, 20x20 cm

Here are some new paintings, I made in my new space. I can tell you I am really happy and satisfied.
The opening party was great and successful, too. Thanks to everyone who is supporting me!

Atelier Seltner


  1. oh i missed your dc star !
    your new work is wonderful, i like 'bed time stories' a lot and also 'birdy me' is wonderful poetic and witty.
    so nice to hear your opening party was a succes.
    carry on the good work dear, xx

  2. i so enjoyed seeing all these paintings
    bedtime stories is amazing, i love all those characters in the bed
    i am so happy that your opening was successful!

  3. Die Bettgeschichten sind mein Favorit. So viel zu gucken und alle so gemütlich eng beieinander!

  4. toll! meine Favorit ist das Vogel-ich.
    herzliche Grüße!

  5. Wow! the new space, gave you more power !!!
    I like these works !!! You always surprise with your drawings or paintings in a pleasant way. I always find here the painting I like to see!


Danke - thank you - merci bien!