Samstag, 7. Februar 2015

drawing challenge: gala dinner

Gala Dinner, ink and pencil on paper, 20x15 cm

Will I tolerate the food?

Should I shave my legs? Which dress?
 And my feet don´t tolerate uncomfortable shoes.

Please visit die Fischefrauen to meet the other guests of this Gala Dinner.

And thank you so much for your encouraging comments to the unexpected d.c., you´re so very kind! Have a nice weekend!

a selfie control for the best friend
and the best `accessory´


  1. such fun sketches
    voices so thoughts many of us have
    love your best accessory ;-)
    i didn't know there was a DC....

    1. sorry, that the dc invitation didn't reach you! I can still take you on the guest list, the gala dinner is not over yet! Will you join us?

  2. das tolle bei diesen Events ist, dass man vorher gefragt wird wegen Essen. Das wäre also weniger das Problem. Aber bequeme Schuhe, die dann auch noch schick sind, das ist dann schon eher schwierig.
    So wie der Dame auf Deiner Zeichnung ging es mir letztes Wochenende - und dann waren alle Überlegungen umsonst :-(
    Na ja, Pyjama ist eben eher unsere Welt ;-)
    Danke fürs Mitfeiern und ein schönes Wochenende

  3. Love it! To shave or not to shave...that is the best question. :D (maybe you can get away with it...I won't tell anyone, and besides, you can always blame Julia Roberts.) x

  4. Beautiful and funny, a great approach. I would love to have you all over for one of our studio dinners!

  5. you are well set for the gala dinner!
    i like your drawing very much, especially that her arm is see through, very special.

  6. Love you drawing and sentiments, Stefanie! The way her arm folds across her face with a house in her underarm..... so creative. The advantage of long gowns is NOT having to shave legs! Very handsome accessories (both the man and the purse). xo C

  7. hihihi, the feet in the lovely drawing made me giggle they look so cute(and i can imagine them beneath the gala dinner table)
    sweet accessoiries ;)

  8. love the drawing! the dress inside the dress and the food and the house - well I love it all. wonderful accessory!

  9. Diese Zeichnung mag ich sehr - ganz dein Stil und doch ganz anders. Und ja, all die Fragen, die man sich vor solchen Events so stellt... Und der aufgegabelte Vogel...
    Danke und viele Grüße.

  10. Hey!! good drawing and good pics!!!! Love is in the air!!!!♫♫ :)


Danke - thank you - merci bien!