Samstag, 18. Januar 2014

drawing challenge: Numen

Lovely Tammie invited us for a drawing challenge with the theme 


This is what I so like about the d.c.: At the beginning of a week you get a theme and than the upcoming days you´ve got it on your mind. Often inspiration seems to appear everywhere.

On tuesday my friend Celine was the winner of my giveaway, she asked about a little drawing. 
This week she made this post on her blog about her mother. 
I offered my drawing to Celine and she was happy. 
For me those days/weeks are kind of special, too, because of the death of my little brother nine years ago and all those memories. 
It happened that yesterday I was at a memorial ceremony of someone and there I heard something about my brother, a story I didn´t know. 

So that´s it.
I am deeply grateful.
(And hope you understand what I want to tell - all in English... it would be difficult in German, too!)

Für Celine, 15.1.2014, ink and a dried flower.

Please go to visit the other participants of the d.c., you will find them at Tammie
Enjoy your weekend with eyes wide open for Numen!


  1. Dear Stefanie, I was more then happy, I was grateful, just as you when you heard the story about your brother. Grateful that you took the time and that you captured it so well. Your drawing will be my next spirit, next to one of Roberto's. Danke, liebe freudin!

  2. Ein wunderschöner Post! Ich liebe Deine Blumen-Serie! Wie verschmitzt ihr Blick!
    Und wie berührend Dein Erlebnis. Numen. Eindeutig! :-)

  3. ooh.... as often
    you touch my heart
    with your words
    and your beautiful drawing!
    .... the way she looks
    her striped t-shirt
    the little house on her shoulder(!!!)
    her braid
    the flower.... just all
    if only i could make something like this
    thank you
    and i wish you a fine weekend

  4. yes Stefanie, one has to take part in those dc's to understand that it is more than just draw or paint, there are worlds hidden behind each theme,sometimes the worlds of the participants touch each other...
    beautiful drawing full of meaning, yes it touches me too, xx

  5. ah, the sweet unexpected spirit in life, magic that appears when we are least looking and sometimes when we are.
    Such a lovely piece and with meaning too ~

    Thank you for sharing numen with us.

  6. I do not know why, when I think of Numen, I think of a rock, a huge stone, with a special energy, something that gives you strength. Other times I think it could be a big tree, pure, one of these trees, which are seeing passes everyone's life for a thousand or two thousand years.
    and now I think it may also have Numen, something that a person tells us. maybe we should thank to all that surrounds us, to have the great luck because our mind is inspired to make beautiful things.
    you are a beautiful person with inspiration!
    inspiration that inspires.
    nice week for you, Stefanie!

  7. Liebe Stefanie,
    somehow I have the feeling, that people who has suffered a loss on the other side (can) got a present: they have a deep(er) knowing about finitude... and they see with their heart as you do, Dear... Numen. Love.


  8. Yes, we are connected by invisible threads - thin and delicate, yet strong to endure! They connect us with those we miss, with those we love and with our friends (real and virtual)...
    Sorry for your loss and for feeling sad!:(
    The collage is so touching!

  9. What a wonderful post..hugs to you and sharing about your brother..very special.
    Gorgeous art..So deeply beautiful..I love what you created..the ink and dried flower combined is such a strong and delicate combination.. yet they both belong, like wonderfully done and expressed..magical!
    Beautiful for the numen challenge,
    Victoria, pencil and wing

  10. lovely, delightful, deep numen. the quality of serendipity too.
    i like your spirit, always.
    and the little house on the shoulder, not for a chip.

  11. Sometimes I think the connections we make are what makes us divine- the emphasis we place on people places and things that creates meaning and helps us see we are part of something much bigger than our small selves.
    Your little pieces always remind me of this- wonderful post Stephanie!

  12. Stefanie my dear! This delicate art piece. So beautiful. So strong at the same time. Strong in spirit and delicate in line. I do adore her pigtail. And that house!!!!! I love your art. *hugs* Norma, x
    p.s. I personally have been enjoying more and more, the process that happens during the week while I have the theme in mind, as well. In the end, I have trouble to decide which project to do for the challenge itself.
    p.p.s. Deep eternal love for those who are with us in this life, and for those who are in spirit. Sending love to you.

  13. gänsehaut. irgendwie.
    ich mags. so sehr!


  14. She is front and back at once - this makes sense to me, looking back at the happy, sad, thrilling and mundane years in our home here, and forward to the unknown, scary, exciting, difficult, guided and hope-filled future in a home we do not yet have!
    xxoo, sus

  15. The wonderful thing about being an artist that happy AND sad feelings bring out numen, so you can do something and more: make beautiful things! Hold on!

  16. I think Renilde's description resonates with me most. I little friend who used to be a neighbor posted about the anniversary of her brother's death, too--they share the day of embarkation on their new journey. What a marvelous gift to be given a new story about your brother. Big hugs.

  17. Liebe Stefanie, es scheint als würde der Schmerz ewig dein Begleiter sein, aber auch, als hättest du einen künstlerischen Weg gefunden damit umzugehen und ihn zu verwandeln und damit Menschen zu berühren - Numen in Aktion.
    Liebe Grüße
    Barbara Bee


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