Sonntag, 15. Dezember 2013

drawing challenge: garland

This weekend gorgeous tinywoolf invited us for a d.c. with the theme garland.
I thought about a garland with stars because of that christmas thing.
I never crochet a star before.
And I had another star in my mind, so...

Voila, my new jewellery collection 
"Judy G."

The crochet stars are looking more like sea stars.
So finally it became a decoration in the bathroom.

vintage ear wires

Christmas outfit ist schon mal gesichert.

A nice weekend to all of you and please check out the other stars and their garlands at tinywoolf!


  1. Sehr hübsch geworden deine Weihnachtsjuwelen !
    Schönen 4.Advent,

  2. schöööön!

    hab es schön und funkelsternig leicht!

  3. schön!
    so you did it yourself?
    where did you take the instructions for the star?
    have a nice sunday!

  4. you are a star my dear, one with great power but gently glowing, just like your garland, mother of pearl buttons always touch me (the fact they are born out of sea keeps amazing me), xx

  5. Tés chic! ich finde es geht durchaus als Weihnachtsstern durch, je nach Anlass eben. Aber die Idee und Umsetzung sind total genial und es sieht umwerfend aus!
    Liebe Grüße
    Barbara Bee

  6. A delightful adornment! So beautifully festive. I hope you plan on wearing it to a wonderful festive event.

  7. your clever garland looks postively glamorous on your neck!

  8. OK, stars are stars, no matter if they are sea stars, or sky stars :)
      I love your stars, and look great on your neck and over your ears and on your finger, it can be a magnificent wedding ring, eh, really romantic, do not you think?
    I congratulate you, you look very beautiful and very elegant
    with that new hairstyle, (a special comment on your dress with your drawing, Excellent!)
    I imagine a garland like this: Star-Stefanie-Star-Stefanie-Star-Stefanie-Star-Stefanie :))))))))))
    Have a nice and funny (as a garland) week, my dear friend!

  9. still... bathroom feel or not, your judy g.'s are show stoppers.
    and so are you, looking absolutely stunning there.
    sparkle, spark, twinkley, twink...
    ... and thxs so much for playing.

  10. What a stunning photo of you my friend! and I love that you've never crocheted a star before and they came out so lovely!

  11. I agree with Kristen, a very striking pose you have struck, Stefanie! The crocheted stars are so pretty combined with the buttons, especially. My dear Grammy was a crochet expert and made many stars to decorate the Christmas tree.
    sssooo, sus

  12. mit deiner weihnachtssternengirlande siehst du einfach betörende aus!
    liebe grüße!

  13. Sehr schöne Sterne, die dir traumhaft stehen. Oh, jetzt habe ich beim Schreiben einen Ohrwurm bekommen: weißt du wieviel Sternlein stehen...
    Liebe Grüße Lucia

  14. Einfach nur: wundertoll liebe Stefanie ❤

    LG Eva

  15. Oh wow! You never crochet a star before? Oh my, you are talented my dear, time for a new shop idea? I love the ring! Und so ein schönes photo von dir!!!!

  16. well hello sweet lady!
    you look beautiful!
    with your hair nicely done
    and all that jewelery ;^))
    you're sure that you have never chrochet a star befor?

    pretty garland and
    you had miss Judy on your mind too!

    Patrice A.
    your Sunday family touched me
    as your work often does
    but you know that

  17. Your sea stars sparkle on one of the prettiest mermaids I know! Love your hair in this updo style, Stefanie. Happy holiday greetings to you, hugs, Norma, x

  18. Such lovely celestial inspirations for your garland! Your stars are quite precious, and what a wonderful necklace and ring!! Perfect for seasonal celebrations. Happy holidays to you!

  19. Sehr hübsches Collier! Sterne gehen immer und zu Weihnachten sowieso! ;o)


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