Samstag, 9. November 2013

drawing challenge: tattoo

big toad
150x90 cm, mixed media on canvas, 1997

Wonderful Patrice is our host this weekend, please go to see the other participants at her blog!


While watching the pictures at Patrice blog I remembered this painting from 1997.
I did it at art school for my degree.

During that time I was fascinated (and I´m still) by ancient paintings, cave paintings etc.
Marija Gimbutas and her book "the language of the goddess" was a big inspiration.

The toad is a goddess, her skin is covered with lines coming from the past...
I scratched them in plaster, I wanted it to look very very old, an invitation to touch it and to follow those lines with your fingers.
Quite a big size (for me): 150 x 90 cm.
Unfortunately I only got this fuzzy picture. But I hope you can get an impression!

Have a fine weekend! 

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  1. das gefällt mir sehr. so ganz anders und doch erkennbar stefanie. kröten haben schon etwas sehr mystisches.
    alles liebe

  2. Great work, Stefanie!
    I can see, here, signals of your current language. is clear that this was painted by you.

    this toad imposes its presence like the statue of a goddess, you have accomplished it very well, the lines on their skin are unknown message that introduces us to the mysterious religion.
    I congratulate you!
    (Too bad I was not aware of this challenge, I would love to participate, I have some drawings that fit in this topic) :(((
    good weekend, Stefanie!

  3. ich finde das schlichtweg großartig, liebe stefanie.

  4. I've never expected to say this about a toad, but your toad is beautiful! seriously beautiful.

  5. Your goddess is fantastic, dear Stefanie! Heavy, earthy and pretty. Yes, I wanna touch it, wanna feel the lines, wonder about the temperature of her patterend skin (and frightened about her long tongue meanwhile...)


  6. I wanted to look it very very old
    versuch mal
    I wanted it to look very very old :)

  7. hello
    your toad goddess is wonderful
    i love the lines
    and the mysterious figure next to her!

  8. Ein tättowierter Krötenkönig! Fehlt nur noch das (Häuser)Krönchen.
    Ich glaube, das ist der einzige Kröterich, den ich gerne mal anfassen würde, um die Linien zu erspüren.
    Und das schwarze Dings dahinter, das nehme ich in der Handtasche mit nach Hause und behalte es. Womit man es wohl füttert?
    Liebe Grüße vom Rosenreslie!

  9. Liebe Stefanie deine tätoo-Kröte ist einfach nur wunderschön. Nicht nur, dass da Assoziationen zum Thema Froschkönig aufkommen, die Malerei finde ich absolut superb. Die verwaschenen Farben, die Textur, dieser tolle Hintergrund und nicht zu vergessen dieser kleine vorwitzige schwarze Kerl, der da hinter der Kröte vorlugt. Wenn irgendwer mir erzählen würde, dass es ein Bild einer sehr bedeutenden antiken Gottheit ist, ich würde es sofort glauben!
    Ganz, ganz grossartig.
    Liebe Grüße
    Barbara Bee

  10. Hi, Stefanie - I enjoy seeing your older work, and finding relation to your always amazing present genius. The book you mention by Gimbutas has given me much to think about over the years. Maybe time to dig it out again...
    Happy week, sus

  11. dear Stefanie
    my sweet sister.....
    i wish it was me, sitting next to this toad goddess
    such a strong and calming figure

    thank you so much for playing and sharing

  12. timeless design never tires. i never knew that about the toad! n♥


Danke - thank you - merci bien!