Samstag, 30. November 2013

drawing challenge: everyday objects

This weekend the ingenious Kristen invited us to "everyday objects".
My Children love to play with the laundry basket. But today it was my turn. 
It´s quite a robust object. 

Have a nice weekend and don´t miss to visit Kristen and the others!


  1. genial;) das erste bild ist ein ägyptischer phönix, der gerade aus der glut (oder dem wäschekorb) steigt;)
    liebst birgit, die deine bilderreihe sehr vergnüglich fand

  2. hihi, it looks like fun! I really like the last picture and the one where you try to get the camera, did the basket survive? ;-)

  3. HA! this is so funny- I often think about my laundry basket in the same way- my kids definitely do the same as you here, there is something so universal about a basket to crawl in/under/on top! The imagination can't help but wander :)
    Thanks so much for playing along!!!

    PS I love your stockings!! Super cute :)

  4. Oh. NOOOOOOOOOOO this is very sexy. these stockings, GRRRRR (I'm a beast) I can not speak. I can not speak, I can not speak, I can not speaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Sorry ladies who come to this blog, I am a man :)

    Creatively: Great! :)

  5. Ahahahaaa, diese Serie ist großartig!! Haben wir als Kinder nicht alle mal im Wäschekorb gesessen? Ich werde mich auch dringend mal wieder reinzwängen, aber ich fürchte, meine Klappboxen sind nicht halb so stabil... ;o)
    Und auch wenn ich kein Mann bin, stimme ich Roberto zu: ohne die Strümpfe wäre die Serie nur halb so aufregend! Darum ab heute (auch für mich): mehr Erotik im Alltag, das ist schöner für's Auge!! :o)

  6. i could have known
    your dc would be so different
    from all the others ;^))
    and roberto is right
    olala, those stockings!

    besides that i wonder how you fit in
    remembering that you are a tall woman ;^))


  7. hee hee........ who's having a ball, turning such a mundane action as doing the laundry into an adventure?

  8. What kookie fun, Stefanie! The first photo is a knock-out. Our kids played with the laundry basket, too, in thier day, and now our pets sometimes give it a go.
    Happy week,

  9. Your kids must love having you for a mom! I love having you for a blogging friend, Stefanie! Can you hear me giggling at the sight of you playing? Thanks. xo Carole

  10. In the first picture I like the graphics of the spokes all leading to your feet. Orange spokes. It's so great.
    I have hidden under laundry baskets also (great for hide and seek inside the house on a rainy day.) I laughed when I saw you sitting crammed inside the basket. Was it tricky to get out again! I did laugh about it. A fun post dear Stefanie! N, xo

  11. hahaha, eine super bilderserie!! nichts geht über wäschekörbe!


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