Montag, 16. September 2013

postcards around the world

This summer Roberto came with a funny idea: let´s start telling stories on postcards.
So we did and this is "mine".
It went to Netherlands, to Bulgaria, to Argentina, to Netherlands and finally back home.

Thanks to you: dear Hedie, dear Rossichka, our gentleman Roberto and dear Celine!


  1. tolle idee! und ein schönes bild ist ja dabei auch entstanden, sehr lustig :)

  2. Your postcard project makes me smile. It is fun to spot all your different styles together.

  3. schöne idee - feine synergie! toll, was so vereint herauskommt!
    lieben gruß

  4. It's beautiful and funny! You started with Es geht los, and it ends with birds singing out loud. It's surprising how different the cards are.
    I'm glad you had a nice summer and I can totally understand how good it is to go back to work and have time for yourself. Bye! Hedwig.

  5. Again a great card! It was just such a fun project and it's great to see how the cards turned out. As Hedwig said: they are all so different and at the same time, you can recognize them all;-)

  6. is fun to see the card after a certain time, I swear I had forgotten what had drawn and written. history written on this card is a small story, really.
    I think one of the fun things about this idea was waiting for the envelope with the uncertainty of what would come in and open it with anxiety and surprise, as well as the charm of knowing that that piece of paper was in the hands of a person whom we know through this thing as cold as the computer screen. was a pleasure, girls :)

    (and thanks, S. to say gentleman, you know, friend, for me, is enough :)

  7. This is a pretty amazing idea and a very lovely result! Poor ballon, though.

  8. Was für eine schöne Idee, eine ganz spezielle und besondere Sommerpost! Lieben Gruß Gh

  9. Was für eine Knaller-Idee....kann man das mal bitte wiederholen?!
    such a sensational about a Repetition....soon?!
    I'd love to take part! Ich würde nämlich gerne mitmachen.
    Die Sommerpost- Aktion von Mond,Tabea und Michaela (läuft noch) ist auch soooo schön!
    Endlich mal vernünftige Post im Briefkasten!
    Mond, Tabea and Michaela initiated "Sommer-Post" (still going strong till the end of September)...such joy, to come home and find seriously nice letters in your postbox!

  10. such a great idea, wonderful conjunction :) x

  11. such a great idea, wonderful conjunction :) x

  12. So eine tolle Idee. Da hätte ich gerne mitgemacht. Ich liebe Geschichten, Postkarten, Malerei und vor allem deine Bilder ☺.



  13. That sounds like a wonderful idea! Just catching up to hundreds of posts after a long break!!


Danke - thank you - merci bien!