Samstag, 21. September 2013

drawing challenge: Maria

Ok, my son and me in 2007. We went from one town to another and finally found a nice place to keep us warm. It was December and I wanted to send some Christmas cards with our new address...

Archetypes are fascinating me and Maria is a strong one. 
A mother and her baby.  

Please have a look at wonderful Patrice for the other artists and their interpretations of the Maria theme and have a nice weekend!

(taken with self-timer)


  1. OH MY GOD! I love it! such a strong picture and that you dare to post it and also send it to people with your new adres. It is just a wonderful picture and it gets a whole different meaning if you see the second one.... umzü!

  2. wunderschön ist das, liebe stefanie; wobei ich die gebrochenheit mit umzugskarton eindeutig noch lieber mag.

  3. Ein großartiges Bild. Sehr berührend und kraftvoll. Liebe Grüße, doreen

  4. so very lovely!
    such a beautiful portrait and self portrait!
    thank you for sharing this

  5. Such an endearing portrait Stephanie and an epitome of motherhood- which I think is really what Maria is to represent - yes!

  6. Oh, Stefania!! Tu sei la Madonna di Kostanz!!!!
    La più bella!
    Mi inginocchio ai tuoi piedi :)

  7. Ok, Seriously.
    Very nice picture, you are always so creative!!!!!

  8. A powerfully iconic image
    And a tender portrait too
    Well done!

  9. wie unglaublich schön!
    so touching, pure beauty.
    xox julia

  10. herbergssuche - und doch - ein tolles bild! gerade mit den kartons.
    dank dir auch für dein mail! gern rühr ich mich, wenn....
    alles liebe

  11. bei diesen fotos bekomm ich ja herzflattern - so unglaublich schön!!!
    ♥lichst, mano

  12. this is by far the best maria
    for me
    i love your serene face
    your hand holding him
    your finger in a curl of his hair
    the light, the golden color....
    iconic and loving
    this is what i think of
    when thinking of maria

    thank you so much for sharing this image

    Patrice A.

  13. this is it, and more...
    the light, your smile, that sweet little boy and the story behind it, pure beauty, xx

  14. this is it, and more...
    the light, your smile, that sweet little boy and the story behind it, pure beauty, xx

  15. Oh my it's a lovely photo of Maria and child. So creative and daring, Stefanie. xo Carole

  16. ...

    Das verschlägt mir die Sprache, so schön ist das!!


Danke - thank you - merci bien!