Donnerstag, 4. Juli 2013

Agenda 2013: 25.6. - 3.7.


  1. passen die ringelsocken, passt das leben. (oder so.)
    liebe grüße von ulma

  2. deR kopf Raucht. hieR auch :)
    liebe gRüße. käthe.

  3. I love this project of yours...It makes me think that I should start something like that... And that sock is the best, ha!

  4. Socken und qualmende Kamine...Sinnbild für diesen Sommer.
    Liebe Grüße aus dem grau-verregneten Dreiländereck

  5. Oh. your drawing is getting better and better!!!
    I think I've said here: this little book inspires you more than others.
    (I think)
    I read Celine's comment, and I think it's a good idea to do a drawing a day. but one has to be constant. I tried (do you remember?) but I could not be faithful to my notebook, maybe one of these days I will open it again, see your pictures makes me want to do it.
    nice day for youuuu!!!

  6. Stefanie, I am always struck by the fact that your simple drawings arouse such strong feelings, thoughts and questions. It will be an interesting journey to take with you as you make your daily drawings!


Danke - thank you - merci bien!