Samstag, 1. Juni 2013

drawing challenge: key/hole

key moment - Schlüsselerlebnis
ink, acrylic on paper, 40x30 cm
More keys at great Renilde
have a nice weekend - habt ein schönes Wochenende!


  1. I love the little mushrooms, the pink panties and the little girl with the hat and her hart. The figur who is holding the key is new to me..I never saw him in one of your works before.For me he is the guard of all the other people in your work. But that bird....mmmm;-) this story maybe has an unexpected ending!

  2. I love the way the artists can draw or paint or represent, in different ways something, (an impossibility for me)
    within the same space, here there are different ways to represent a person, a human. at least here I see three, not counting the bird which is drawn only with lines made ​​with pencil (or ink, it does not matter, they are lines)
    I think that is the domain of your own language + freedom,
    two things that I admire in an artist.
    The story that you show here, obviously, only you know it, (or not) and for me is not important, is anecdotal, for me the important thing is the impact that the work produced. and I'm shocked and speechless :) really!
    good weekend! :)

  3. that day the sun was upside down and there was a key take me across and along the sheet of paper (that doesn't exist anymore because a world grew out of it)and i love the persons and places i meet, no matter if my mind is telling me stories or my eyes just enjoy what they see, it's a fine world to get lost in,
    thanks dear, xx

  4. dein bild ist unbeschReiblich.
    ein gRoßeR moment deR fReude. füR mich. jetzt. gRad. vielleicht auch nachwiRkend.

  5. so many fun details
    like little surprises as i see each one
    keys in a piece inspire the imagination to wonder....

  6. I love the story telling you do through your artwork. Blessings!

  7. amazing creation again Stefanie. I love the colours in this piece, and all of the detailed pieces that fit so beautifully together into one. I adore the little bird with the key, the ladder he is on and the sideways girl and child at the bottom of the ladder.

  8. Another absolutely amazingly wonderful painting, Stefanie. Such a story you tell. Hat's off!

  9. all those stories you tell
    on a paper sized 30x40 cm
    all those details
    a tiny heart, a golden crown
    the expressions on their faces
    and then there is a bird
    that beuatiful black bird
    with a key for her
    she who never thought it would happen
    how i love your world

    thank you!
    Patrice A.

  10. always so many quirky details, which make up your day{s}, right?
    life is in your stills!
    now let's head for the pub!

  11. This is so beautiful, but also disturbing! It's full of an emotion I can not name. It has to do with an old fairy tale world, like that of the Grimm brothers. It's cruel and lovely at the same time. Earthly and volatile, light and dark, raw and soft, old and new.

  12. The up-side-down sun and little red mushrooms tear at my heart strings. That bird who took the time to climb the ladder, to give her a key. Dynamite. These lines in this whole drawing Stefanie, are dynamic and interesting. Love the Russian evocative building. I will just have to go look again closely at this creation so full of wonder and mystery and dynamism. Love it, N, xo
    p.s. I am loving the gently touches of colour. Those red undies. Wow.

  13. MANY key momentS, liebe Stefanie!
    Love the bird and... the red pants, her soft pink cheeks... all of it!

    Darf ich Dich zur nächstne dc einladen? Ich bin dieses Mal die Gastgeberin.

    x Ariane.

  14. This little painting creates so many questions!

  15. dein bild erzählt wieder so viele, mit einander verwobene geschichten. ich mag die liebevollen kleinen details und würde zu gern mal einen blick in diese burg, dieses schloss werfen. leider fehlt mir der schlüssel..
    viele liebe grüße, mano

  16. Puh, bis man überall durch ist, vergeht so seine Zeit...
    Das Bild bis so Du und diesmal dazu noch ausgesprochen komplex und mit Ober- und Unterwelt besonders geheimnisvoll und vielsagend, nicht mit einem Blick zu entschlüsseln. Ganz toll.
    Liebe Grüße

  17. This is truly masterful Stephanie. Delicate line and scratchy washes tell a sadly tender tale. The elements strung together by the key and hole are tantalizing little bits for the eye to travel this elegant and complicatedly simple "key moment".
    Brilliant work! Thank you for sharing it!

  18. Bloß gut, dass ich so spät doch noch die Runde durch diese Beiträge mache, sonst wäre mir dieses Meisterwerk womöglich entgangen! Ich schwelge in den Details! Und assoziiere Geschichten. Der Schlüsselmoment ist so wundervoll und hell, er macht Hoffnung! Und ich erfreue mich an den vielen lieben Kleinigkeiten, die ich in der Dunkelheit erkenne: das rote Höschen, das Krönchen, das Herz, die Pilze, ein wunderschönes Schloss...ein Miniaturschlüssel an einer Bergwerkslore...!! Also ehrlich, Du übertriffst Dich immer wieder selbst! Man kann nicht aufhören, Deine Bilder wieder und wieder mit den Augen abzuwandern!


Danke - thank you - merci bien!