Samstag, 18. Mai 2013

drawing challenge: fillip

This year my brother would celebrate his 30th birthday at may 21th. His name is Philipp. After his death I listened a lot to that song from muse fillip (one of my favorite bands since the beginning). I did not care about the variant spelling.
... and it´s gonna be our last memory... I was singing and dancing to the music, I felt pain and energy at the same time.

Now while searching for a theme I discovered the meaning of fillip.

So I went to my studio and listened to muse and tried to draw, to let it go... I tried to do some drawings inspired by a picture from Phillip and me, but excuse me I prefer not to show them... here some work and some impressions from that day:

a blondie?!

Napoleonie and the crying husband

Thank you for playing with me:

Have a nice and inspiring weekend!

still a lot to do


  1. OH! such a seriously personal prompt from you. my heart leans towards you in thought of your brother. I wish you peace and inspiration in your heart and feelings.

    thank you for sharing your art that overflows with memories and feelings. it touches me to see each piece.

  2. Stefanie, I am so sad for the hole left by your brother's is only right not to share your special, personal drawings.
    I simply uploaded photographs of my 2 daughters - they are my fillip.

  3. ich umarme dich ♥ und sag danke ♥

  4. Liebe Stefanie!
    Ich bin gerade sehr berührt von Deinem Post, ich wusste nicht, dass Dein Bruder nicht mehr am leben ist, als ich die Einladung zur DC gelesen hab. Mit dem Tod eines Familienmitglieds klar zu kommen ist so verdammt schwer und ich hab das Gefühl, manchmal überrumpelt es einen mit einer Kraft, mit der man nicht gerechnet hat, obwohl man schon einige Zeit mehr oder weniger gut damit klar kam ...
    Und so weh es tut, so gut ist es auch, dass es nicht berechenbar ist.
    Ich mag Deine Zeichnungen, besonders die erste und die zu Deinen Füßen, auch wenn man sie nur klein sehen kann. Danke Dir dafür und eine Umarmung von Meike

  5. pretty panoply of a day's work though. i can imagine the pain oozing from your heart; good thing you can pour it into creative portraits (blondie? hell, yeah!).

    there is always this weight to your work, a certain darkness, which lends itself well into your drawing and painting style. me feeling lucky to be able to witness it time and again.

    thanks for this {personal} fillip, dear. you did have me puzzled and now i know a new word i hadn't a clue about.

  6. I swear I searched the song, a lot of days ago and read the lyrics
    and I took the line that says:
    ... and it's gonna be our last memory ... (I swear, long before reading your post)
    I liked that line to do my post.

    and I wrote something about that there is no last memory about what still did not happen,
    perhaps there is a memory that passes from one person to another, and another and another... and in this sense, there is not one last memory.
    I like to think of tomorrow
    and tomorrow are our children
    tomorrow is the new ideas that you have when you wake up
    tomorrow is the possibility of changing
    tomorrow is the pencil on your board waiting for you to take it between your fingers,
    the new kiss of your husband, a new tear from your children...
    look at how many new things there are tomorrow, of which you can not have a memory today.
    Have a nice weeken Fairy!!!! :)))

  7. Phillip is your fillip, yes? He inspires you to do such interesting and introspective work. A wonderfully heartfelt post.

  8. Liebe Stefanie, thanks for showing us how your day was. I hope you feel okay and I love your blondie! I give you a big hug!!!

  9. Thank you for sharing this with us Stefanie. Your work as always is so heartfelt. blessings to you

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  11. Stefanie, thank you for this very personal challenge. I continue to admire your honesty and your beautiful provocative art.
    Best wishes for the weekend, sus

  12. when one makes art the way you do, a line isn't just a line ,a patch of color not just a patch of color, there are worlds in it, thoughts, memories and wishes, answers and questions, there are whispers,tears, smiles and fun, it's life you're drawing and painting, your life in al it's facets.and yes there is still a lot to do...
    thanks for your personal theme,xx

  13. you have been on my mind this week
    because of the theme of the dc
    and because of your brother
    i can not imagine how it must be
    living without
    your Phillipp is your fillip
    like my brother is mine
    and your art....
    you know how much i like it
    it's like Renilde says
    nothing is just what it is
    there is a whole world behind a line or a color
    i keep looking at that first drawing
    the houses on her shoulder
    beuatiful and personal
    thank you!!!!

    Patrice A.

  14. Berührend, traurig stimmend und doch so eine schöne besondere Weise mit dem Thema umzugehen, das einen nie loslässt, wie könnte es auch... - Danke und lieben Gruß Ghislana

  15. Your art is beautiful and full of so much heart and soul. My heart goes out to you as I'm remember my father who passed just 17 months ago. I'm terribly sorry for your loss and send out lots of love and hugs.

    Alexandra xx

  16. Beautiful Stefanie, beautiful paintings today. I am seeing some colour sneaking into your work and I just love it. They make the black strong lines more human somehow. My eye jumps to the spot of colour (no matter how small and no matter what colour almost) and then back to examine the black lines. It's almost as if the spot of colour gives my eye a relax for a moment, and then back to work.
    I adore "Napoleonie and the crying husband" ~~ this is so strong. And I enjoyed the blondie with pink cheeks a lot! It made me smile. Nice work here today!! *big smiles to you* Norma, xo
    p.s. sending my tender thoughts to you in respect of your brother.

  17. Liebe Stefanie, wenn es irgendeinen Sinn im sinnlosen Verlust von geliebten Menschen gibt, dann hat er sich bei Dir in Deiner Kunst und Deiner enormen schöpferischen Energie manifestiert. Ich bin sicher, Dein Bruder wäre sehr gerührt angesichts dieser tiefen Gefühle, die aus Deinen Bildern sprechen. Und dass Du ihm immer wieder Deine (und sogar unsere) Kreativität widmest, ich glaube, ein schöneres Geschenk kannst Du ihm nicht machen.
    Ich mag Deine Bilder zur Challenge alle wieder sehr, jedes für sich hat so tolle Details, Blondie allerdings würde ich am liebsten mit nach Hause nehmen und täglich über ihre zartrosa Wangen streichen.
    Hab Dank für diese herausfordernde Challenge, ich wünsche Dir viel Kraft für immer und besonders diese Woche.

  18. Oh my heart goes to you- my brother died young as well and it is such a stunningly strong and deep bond we share with siblings- the energy and youth of the music and creative expression is such a healing outlet for so many feelings about this- who cold have thought so much would come from such a word as fillip!

  19. Liebe Stefanie,
    I have the feeling that your brother is in your heart and your art... love your art.
    Its strong and soft in the same time.


  20. Liebe Stefanie, es tut mir unsagbar leid, dass dein Bruder so früh gehen musste und um den Schmerz, der für immer in deinem Herzen bleiben wird. Aber wer erinnert wird, ist nie vergessen und nie verschwunden und es ist gut, dass du ein Weg über deine Kunst gefunden hast, diesem Gestalt zu geben.
    Alles Liebe,

  21. Liebe Stefanie,
    danke für dieses schöne und so persönliche Thema. Ein wunderbares Geschenk für deinen Bruder ihm zu zeigen, das er in deinem Herzen weiterlebt!
    Herzliche Grüße

  22. beautiful Stefanie!

    the only way to keep memories alive

    Helen x


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