Montag, 22. April 2013

Agenda 2013: 9. - 21.4.

Have a nice day and thank you so much for commenting my last post, you help me a lot!
Kommt gut in die neue Woche und habt vielen Dank für Eure Gedanken zu meinem letzten post, damit helft Ihr mir sehr!


  1. sechzenteR + neunzehnteR. vieRteR.
    meine absoluten favoRiten. tRickReich, die Rockhand zuR spinne gReifend. und ein schönes zungenkusspRojekt.
    wie ist deine inteRpretation dazu?
    liebe gRüße. käthe.

  2. OK, I think this is going better and better!
    I do not know what could choose ...
    There is a black hand there? good, good detail!
    I've gone up and down 25,000 times with the scroll wheel of my mouse. and I like them all!!!!

    I have bad news for you, my last drawing day by day, it was on April 7, I have not re-opened my notebook: ((((
    very bad, no?

    about my last post, you said:
    "drawing, so different" ...
    I think, "too different" ... so different that it is horrible!!
    I do not like it!!, is so bad that I am ashamed, but I wanted to put what I had written, because that did not seem so bad (i think), and I really did not have time to make a new
    anxiety sometimes plays against us.
    see youuuuuuuu

  3. Stefanie I love your lines. My eye follows them and goes over them again and again and pauses in spots. My eye sometimes jumps immediately to a spot and stays there, amazed. I love the ruffle at the skirt edges, and your Picasso faces. WOWser. N, xo

  4. Your works, dear Stefanie, cause smiles and sighs and even tears with it's tenderness. xo Carole
    PS Love your last painting!

  5. domenica - so fein. und sehr sehr mag ich auch die letzte zeichnung.
    liebe grüße von ulma

  6. what a wonderful group they are together- I keep trying to figure out the story, and see something new every time I look :)


Danke - thank you - merci bien!