Montag, 27. August 2012


It´s already getting fresh in the morning, I´m starting this week with some of my `summer feet´:

A nice monday to you - mit Kussi für Ta.


  1. Hi Stefanie, for me also begins the week, and it's cold here.
    And it was the weekend drawing the nonsense that you saw in my blog, and now I need to start working, is boring!!! :(((((
    What a good idea is to show the photos with feet!!!!!!!!
    I like them all but I particularly like the third, with black dress!!!
    and amuses me most is the pic with the M & M on the leg :DDDD
    Good week for you and your family!!
    Thanks for your comment
    xoxo from a left handed and Libra ha ha!

  2. what a wonderful and cheerful collection of feet :)

  3. alle zuckersüß - natürlich besonders die mit den smarties!!

  4. LOve these photos ! The shoes and dresses are so pretty

  5. you are funny, and quirky. you make me smile. your drawings make smile. your little characters are so whimsical... so, matter-of-factly...


Danke - thank you - merci bien!