Samstag, 5. Mai 2012

drawing challenge

underwater love/life

Julia is our host this week, so please have a look at her blog to explore more!

Well, I have to admit I was not feeling easy about this theme... but it´s always good to try!
On the one hand I had this song in mind ("this must be under water love") and on the other hand it reminded me on the underwater paintings we did in childhood - some kind of a childhood drawing challenge. 
But water is not my element. I started with colors in green and blue a bit yellow... some nixies came, playing with fishes... than I did a paper with red and brown and I found myself again... those are my colors! 

By the way: I am the next host, you will find the theme during monday afternoon/evening here - 
I am looking forward to meet you!
Have a nice weekend - here it is raining, we might have some kind of underwater love/life :)


  1. Oh I love the 1st one with the fish overlapping with the girl!
    And yes, it is always good to try something outside our comfort zone ;)
    Have a nice week end Stefanie!

  2. Dear Stephanie, you created a playful,peculiar underwaterworld, i love the spontaneity in your drawings and the torn edges of the first drawing.
    I'll watch for your theme, x

  3. Dear Stefanie,
    wow, your drawings are very sweet and... sexy! Love your lines.

    x Ariane

  4. ha! the rain! yes! it loves all of us SO much, these days...
    really, did you have difficulty? well, it never shows in your contribution. i am so intrigued by what you draw. i like how you portray women too.
    i'll check back for a new theme.

  5. love the first one
    with the fish
    her expression
    the colors
    your lines
    but that last one
    made me laugh
    great work!
    and looking forward to the new theme!

    Patrice A.

  6. They are all lovely. That green is perfect. I love what you do with your color. Its brief and purposeful.

  7. wonderful dive with cute mermaids. it seems as if they´re easily flowed from the brush ...

    liebe grüße

  8. Stefanie these are perfect! If you think of green as being the opposite and complimentary color of red then you might like it a bit more. So see how the red on the cheeks make the green of the water vibrant. It works the other way too, a touch of green somewhere makes a red sing. I'm no artist please believe me, but I do think about opposites often.
    Well these paintings are awesome. Your work reminds me of archetypes in an unassuming sense. I love your work to bits as you know!
    Looking forward to your hostess duties! *smiles* Norma

  9. lovely ink drawings very whimsical. The ink wash is really lovely and I love the ideas behind the drawings.

    Look forward to seeing what you have for us for next weeks theme.

    Helen x

  10. liebe stefanie, ich finde alle drei ganz wunderbar. aber besonders rührt mich das letzte bild an. du hast es wieder geschafft, mit so wenigen strichen unendlich viel gefühl auszudrücken..
    ganz liebe grüße, mano
    ps: miss t. gefällt es in der gesellschaft der kleinen königinnen sehr!

  11. liebe stefanie, dafür das wasser nicht dein element ist hast du unn aber, mit ganz wenigen strichen doch zum tauchen gebracht! ich mag deine zeichnungen sehr, sie sind traurig und, wie ariane treffend sagt, sexy.
    sehr besonders! herzensgruss, julia
    ps. freue mich schon auf dein thema!!

  12. Love all this artwor , I'm looking forward to reading all the other posts as well!

  13. these are charming....each and everyone! I really love your painting style. Thank you for making my visit here and through your daily project 2012 such fun.

  14. Your drawings are unique and the line of yours is beautiful and fresh, charming post:)


Danke - thank you - merci bien!