Samstag, 18. Februar 2017

A.C. tropics

It happened that during this week I finished the first daily project sketchbook of 2017.
It´s a Leporello album and it´s kind of a diary and I had the idea to wrap myself into it.

the tropic aerobic dance
of an introvert exhibitionist
in a frosty bathroom

Many thanks to Ariane (her feet are cold, too) 
for hosting the artistic challenge again and again
and thank you for visiting today!


  1. these words made me giggle:
    of an introvert exhibitionist

    wonderful self portraits of you wrapped in your charming art

  2. Oh, I see, the heat of the tropics makes us want to take off all the clothes until naked, but some good drawings can cover us, from indiscreet looks! :) I like the light in your bathroom! really a place with lots of light!!

  3. Ohlala, you as a coquettish amazon, liebe Stefanie,
    covered in your own drawings (beautiful leporello!).
    Warm light like in the tropics.
    Thank you!
    Love, Ariane. Rose

  4. Great! How to call this?: "the leporello drawing paper dress exhibition":) - eric

  5. Ha Stefanie! This is fantastic!
    congratulations on your future apparel design. xo

  6. I don't think I have ever run into an introvert exhibitionist before. So I would say that it is a pleasure to meet you. I really love this, how inspirational, how 'not everyday'. Wrapping yourself in your own art.. You win the prize as far as I'm concerned. Not that I think there is a prize to win, but you deserve it.

  7. Lovely and lovely seeing you wrapped up in your art Stefanie! Hope you jumped right into a nice, steamy and tropical feeling shower. :D

  8. wie ausserordentlich kleidsam! wundervoll. ich mag sie sehr die madame. grüße. eva

  9. so THAT you really are, bathroom artist in misty atmospheres... ;)))


Danke - thank you - merci bien!