Samstag, 14. Mai 2016

d.c. sky

drawing challenge: sky

I like to show you a painting with the title "April Wasserturm", I worked a lot on it, especially on the sky, and finally I was satisfied with its expression. 

It was the last painting I finished for my current exhibition at the Wasserturm.

Many thanks to Eric for inviting us to this d.c., so check out if your limit is the sky
and have a fine weekend!

der Wasserturm Stromeyersdorf in Konstanz

Finissage: 22.5. von 14:00-18:00


  1. oh, is that wonderful, or what? what a fantastic place to be exhibiting. and the stefanie 'corner' is working for me! i like your works hanging together. your april wasserturm looks the ticket for both its surroundings and your effort. your painting evolves naturally and beautifully. n♥

  2. Wonderful painting and a nice preview. I love the umbrella (or is it a parasol?) on the roof. And there's another too on the ground, upside down. I would love to see more of your exhibition. Anyway...good luck with it! Thanks for joining this AC.- eric

  3. That's beautiful! I'd love to be there and see your whole exhibition hanging. I hope that loads of happy people come thru your exhibition and buy all your beautiful art. :D

  4. Dear Stefanie, ich bin ganz verliebt in deine Bilder! Die Hängung ist ja klasse!
    Die Spiegelung vom Schirm ist raffiniert und das himmelblau im Bild links irgendwie so tröstend. So, das musste jetzt schnell auf Deutsch raus ;-)
    I fallen in love with your paintings! The hanging is great!
    The mirroring of the umbrella is clever and the cerulean of the painting left is somehow soothing.
    Wish I could come to your exhibit! Wish you success and joy.
    Ariane. Rose

  5. your painting turned out wonderful.
    i enjoy how often we can continue to work on a piece until we are satisfied.
    Fabulous that it is in a show and can be enjoyed by many. Wishing you a lovely showing.

  6. if only i lived closer
    i would dive into your wonderful world....
    love that painting
    with it's beautiful sky

    thank you

  7. Deine Bilder sind für mich eine Poetisierung der Welt - denen man die viele Arbeit, die darin steckt, nicht ansieht. Und wie so viele hier wünschte ich, ich könnte mir diese Ausstellung "in Echt" ansehen.
    Herzliche Grüße aus der weit entfernten Oberlausitz von Lucia

  8. That wooly gray sky is gorgeous. Makes me want to curl up with a cuppa tea and a good book. Love the homey cottage, too, the perfect place to be on a chilly day.


Danke - thank you - merci bien!