Samstag, 19. September 2015

drawing challenge: skin

the skin of rocks... do they have one? they might don´t even need it

Many thanks to tiny woolf for the invitation to the skinny d.c.!

To carry on a tradition: I would like to invite you all to the d.c. on the weekend after next (the 3./4. of October) - the theme will be announced next weekend at this place.
Hope to see you and

have a nice weekend!


  1. I thought of rocks too
    and the bark of trees
    wonderful images
    i will return to find your dc theme

  2. Ah, rocks - now you have made me wonder about that!
    Love your graphite covered fingers :)
    And I too will return to check out your theme.

  3. Lovely interpretation - the skin of the earth. Beautiful!

  4. Skin of stones, liebe Stefanie,
    of course! You are right. Beautiful light on your photos of rocks, makes them look really alive and like a close up from our skin. And when looking at your pretty legs, they look even more soften skinned. Nice! (it all is so holidayish... sigh)

    Thank you for the October-host-tradition! You can sign me in already ;-)

    PS: I love 'biggytiny', it is a great drawing! And on insta I ve seen sweet family cuddle (16./17.09.)

  5. i like to tough
    the skin of rocks
    and pebbles and bark....
    love to touch all kind of skin
    .... and yes, like Ariane, i like the mood
    hoolidayish, of your images

  6. i was just thinking about rock skin, as you pose the question.
    do rocks have skin, it sure looks like they have a weathered through and through surface... how tender though, human skin against hard rock. thxs, stefanie! n♥

  7. Nice to see that you've also found the skin of the earth and the human body. Nice post! - eric

  8. I bet they do! Maybe they're thick skinned, in the same way spider silk is thin skinned. So fragile to think of human skin up against rock, but so very beautiful in your photo Stefanie.

  9. There is a book I heard about, called Die Haut der Steine. Maybe what we call Skin is the Stones Patina?
    Herzliche Grüße


Danke - thank you - merci bien!