Samstag, 30. Mai 2015

drawing challenge: youth

from the super8 movies of my father - you see me?

one of my youngest paintings

Süßer Vogel, Jugend

More artists at ROSE - thank you and have a fine weekend!


  1. There was that time that everything was great, exiting and new. I see that in your pictures. Like the Vorstellung with the players.

  2. :-))). 'youngest painting'... but i do also like that tiny patchwork of youth memories, and like you say. music is the greatest evoker of dormant feelings. you too, stefanie. enjoy a somewhat sunny weekend. n

  3. such an adorable youthful painting!
    so fun to see your old photos too ~

  4. There's just so much youthful energy in your painting. Love the stockings....
    AND the movie! That's precious. xo Carole

  5. That's so wonderful Stefanie! I'd love to have more home movies and photos of my childhood. (But I must tell you that my children have practically five photos of every day of their lives!) Love your early drawing too. Love the free spirited feeling of the stockinged , top hat wearing, winking magical girl. Well done. X

  6. Great movie stills. I love your work. (would love to know how young the painting is) :)

    1. thank you!
      it was the 27th of May this year :-)

  7. Your movie stills are a a beautiful time document with it's special colors and atmosphere. Your "wink" painting made me smile.

  8. Good memories. I see you and...
    Schauen wir mal wieder zusammen?
    ❤️ Katrin

  9. Liebste Stefanie,
    entschuldige bitte, dass ich dich noch nicht auf der Liste hatte! Habe dich sofort ergänzt.
    I love those colors (and sound) of old Super 8 movies and I see you, of course! I would like to know the size of 'Süßer Vogel Jugend'. Looks big - and is great! Very beautiful!
    Thank you very much for playing.
    Ariane of Rose

  10. nice movie stills
    and so recognizable too
    and that painting.... aaah
    i have said it before
    i love it!
    the wiking girl with the blue hat
    and the nice stocking
    one day.....



Danke - thank you - merci bien!