Samstag, 4. April 2015

drawing challenge: the key

Thank you for visiting our host  
Happy Easter!

a key to luck is health

and a good sleep


  1. That's a beautiful Easter egg Stefanie, and so very appropriate for this weekend! Love it. The key to a good life truly is health and a good sleep. Last night I went to sleep by 8pm and I didn't care one bit! Hope your Easter long weekend is a lovely and happy one.

  2. i wish you (and your family) good health and a good sleep, hope you wake up to a sunny day and easter happiness (read: chocolate eggs)
    your egg is wonderfull and magical, the golden key, the straw, perfect, xx

  3. love what you did with the egg, even the photos are nice. the second with your child is quite fun!
    eggs are key to life.
    I hope you are all well and most certainly health is appreciated. lovely Easter to you and yours.

  4. Your egg and key are very cool, Stefanie. I hope your family is healthy and hearty for the chocolate to come. Take care. xo

  5. hee hee... original egg decoration! hope you have the same sun as ours here, on today, sunday. n♥

  6. Great found and fun for children too, an egg with a key!

  7. An egg is something absolutely closed. To open, it has to break. Very clever to make a keyhole in an egg!!!
    I very much like your little story of the sick child. The black line of the hair goes on in the vomiting and gives a very active image, the second one is so serene and sleepy. Pffff, so glad to sickness is gone!

  8. Hi, Stefanie !!! as always, your work is something different!
    I love the idea of an egg with a hole for a key!
    Enclose the whole concept of mystery that causes open a door without knowing what is on the other side. And the picture you took (obviously you know about light / shadow / chiaroscuro) is excellent, the dark hole contrasting with the white of egg, puts the dramatic fee. In something as simple. you express everything. (Reinforced by the rough texture of the egg. Another element hard and expressiveness)
    The story drawn obviously talks about something else, dramatic. Yes, health is a key to everything. Good week for you and you family! Happy Easter!

  9. dear stefanie,
    the nwe DC-theme is up
    i am hosting
    are you in?....

  10. Ein ganz geheimnisvolles Osterei, und du hast sogar den Schlüssel dazu. Ich hoffe, ihr seid gesund und munter und könnt ein wenig die schönen Frühlingstage genieße. Herzlichen Gruß Ghislana


Danke - thank you - merci bien!