Sonntag, 26. April 2015

drawing challenge: coat

Since sister Patrice came up with the new theme coat I have an idea in my head:

Is a room  a coat? 

As you might noticed I have a new studio, a new coat for the artistic soul:

And during these exciting and transforming weeks I released a coat, cutting my hair:

right after the coiffeur in my flower coat

a daily project drawing

Little daughter told me: Now you look like a painting.
Which one? I asked her.
Like the one you always do!

change your coat - become yourself ;-)

Thank you for visiting today and please come to see Patrice to discover more artists and their postings about coats! Have a nice sunday!


  1. Yes, having a new studio must feel like having a new coat!

  2. ;^))) great words: change your coat, become yourself
    i think my post is all about that

    and your studio looks like the best coat for an artist!

    the words of your daughter made me smile
    she is so right, you look even more
    as the one in your drawings and paintings!

    thansk for joining sweet sister of mine

  3. it keeps you warm, you can dance, eat, laugh and jump in it, cry in it and lie down in it.
    you can choose another color or mood
    you can meet your friends in it, open or close it
    you can feel yourself in it
    it can house an artistic soul :)
    YES!! a room is a coat
    your little daughter is so right, how very sweet she noticed.

  4. Liebe Stefanie - sehr schöne Gedanken! Und wunderbare Bilder. Dieses "Change your coat become yourself" mag ich sehr!!!
    (Danke für deinen Kommentar bei mir - das Mantelgedicht hatte ich auch im Kopf, aber auch eine andere neuere Geschichte)
    Viele Grüße und möge es dir im neuen Gewand wohl sein.

  5. Oh Stefanie, I love your thoughts of a studio being a coat!
    Haircuts, especially spring haircuts, gives us a new bounce. Your daughter's words are sweet. xo

  6. "change your coat, become yourself".
    swell words from a very elegant, creative lady indeed. hello mizz stefanie!

  7. yes, these are all coats of one sort or another
    the things children say can be so wonderful

  8. I saw your nice spacious studio already on IG and was hooked and it seems like you're trying not only one new coat to fit your obvious changed new self. Becoming more like your drawing is in fact interesting! Bon voyage!
    barbara bee

  9. of course, it is. looks like you're going through a transformation overload. the new studio looks great, I love the haircut and am, as usual, taken by your drawing. alles neu macht der mai im april. have a great week!

  10. Oh, how many news! (your new studio I already knew) But your new haircut looks great!
    Your little daughter is right, now you look as yourself :)
    Yes, a room is a coat, obviously. In this case, your studio, is a coat for your ideas, your creativity, or your projects.
    The wool coat protects your body, The room (studio) protects your creativity. :)
    Have a nice Tuesday!

  11. Deine kleine Tochter hat es so gut erfasst!!! Und nach Hundertwassers Häuten ist es unbedingt so, auch der Raum, das Haus möge passen. So schön, wie du dich über dein neues Atelier freust! Lieben Gruß Ghislana

  12. Wie recht sie hat, Deine Tochter! Hast bestimmt Deine Frisur als Zeichnung mit zum Friseur genommen. ;-) Dass ein Raum wie ein Mantel sein kann, ist eine wunderschöne Metapher! Und so wahr.


Danke - thank you - merci bien!