Sonntag, 15. Februar 2015

drawing challenge: aqua

It´s time for aqua at Veronica.

Have a nice weekend and thank you for visiting!


  1. the aqua candle with it's golden light is such a lovely combination to my eyes.

    i so enjoy your pooling of aqua and pink in your ink sketch.
    lovely Sunday to you ~

  2. Schön, wie die Farben so fliessen und die Ykerzenfarbe ist toll.mich kann mich auch schwaxh an E.W. Filme erinnern, hat mich total fasziniert damals.
    Barbara bee

  3. Love the simplicity of your aqua post, Stefanie.

  4. Love this, the candle plus the water! Thank you for your comment.

  5. oh no! always happens the same to me. i leave a comment and my comment disappears!

  6. i go again! Oh ehmmmm water triumphs over fire or fire triumphs over water?
    I think that although water can quench the fire. fire, may evaporate the water ... fire triumphs over water,
    Actually, I do not know why this came to my head. Perhaps, seeing the first picture. with candles off, I thought, of course, water quenched the fire. But at the other photography, the candle is lit ... then I thought: The fire is not quenched with water.
    Well, a commentary rather silly when in fact, I just should have said, very good your drawing, as always! :)))

  7. I will go and buy some aqua colored candles now. ususally a white candle person, you're images inspired me to try something new. even when it is as simple, as changing the color of candles... adventureous, ey? the drawing is inviting and beautiful, btw. x. a.

    1. dear queen of colors, this makes me smile... in fact I was a white candle person, too, but my children teached me, now our candles are red, pink, green, yellow... but the aqua ones are their most fav´s... and it´s the color of creativity I read somewhere.

  8. dripping candle, dripping water, dripping paint, i love your aqua! x


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