Sonntag, 18. Januar 2015

drawing challenge: toast

Yesterday at dinner with my family (there were some sandwiches) suddenly came into my mind: Drawing challenge - toast - totally forgot...
The next moment, the clever daughter exclaimed: just look what I've done, a loop!
A toast to the d.c., to all who keep it alive and our hostess this weekend: the great Veronica!
Thank you and have a super Sunday!

may I eat now, dear mum?!?!


  1. Clever daughter and a great loop! - eric

  2. die schönste schleife ever!! und die frage kommt mir bekannt vor...
    klasse lösung der dc!!
    schönen sonntag noch und tausend dank für die fabelhafte post!!

  3. So lovely! Love it. Your daughter and that photo are so charming. :D Thank you so much for taking part.

  4. Butterfly- I like that one..and a quick dinner too which is often up my alley- your daughter is lovely as is your toast ;)

  5. imagination is genetically determined, no? ;)
    lovely photos, that plate is perfect. x

  6. Nice toast picture! It does look like a beautiful fluttering butterfly.

  7. A butterfly kiss!
    Your little one has patience and a good eye.
    Hugs to you both. xo

  8. I, too, thought of a butterfly when I saw it. A butterfly sitting on a pretty flower.

  9. yes let's toast to the dc
    all those years and challenges!

    your toast is sweet
    a bow or butterfly, with a rose in the middle
    i hope she, our Rose, will soon be participating again
    love that last image
    and the text ;^))))

  10. Simpel und überzeugend, allerdings dachte ich es wäre ein Schmetterling - aber was ich schon sagte: Toast ist absolut vielseitig.
    barbara bee
    P.S. meine Mühe hat sich gelohnt, es war total lecker, aber ich glaube, ich wiege jetzt ein Kilo mehr. Tse,tse, das gehörte nicht zu den Neujahrsvorsätzen : )

  11. Wundervoll, zauberhaft und mitten aus dem Alltag. Was will man mehr?

  12. butterfly toast! it is even an ariane style entry...: toast-on-rose plate.
    i suppose you could hardly get any closer than this, honouring our weekly rendez-vous. cheers!


Danke - thank you - merci bien!