Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2014

finally: drawing challenge


Eric invited us to the last d.c. in 2014, please visit his inspiring blog!

Time... I thought it is a good chance to resume my daily project 2014.
By looking through all of the photos I noticed lots of selfies and memories, too. So I tried to chose one photo of the d.p. and one with me of each month in 2014, and this really was taking time (that´s why I am late, excuse me) and I went on a journey through this ending year. There is no special meaning in my selection, I mean I could spend many more hours at this project of time.

d.p. January
at work in January

d.p. February

ready to go out in February

d.p. March

at home in March

d.p. April

in April

d.p. May

at the Koffermarkt in May

d.p. June - holidays at Italy

the only selfie in June

d.p. July

in July

d.p. August

happy housewife in August

d.p. September

September camper selfie

d.p. October with a Goodbye

selfie control in October

d.p. November

looking for rara avis in November

d.p. December

my first time putting together our Herrereuther Stern

I hope you enjoy it and that we will meet again in 2015! 
The next diary is already waiting to be filled with drawings and for sure I will take pictures of myself, too. It´s fun and it´s quite interesting in combination with the daily diary drawings, maybe this could become a project for 2015... but now


wishing you all a happy new year!


  1. Liebe Stefanie,
    es ist eine Freude, diese Zusammenstellung zu betrachten... Danke dafür und ein gutes neues Jahr für dich und deine Familie.
    Viele Grüße von Lucia

  2. schöne und auch lustige zusammenstellung! hab ein tolles silvesterfest heute! viele liebe grüße, doro

  3. That´s a wonderful overview of the year and it made me smile! And I know it took a lot of time :)
    Thanks for joining - eric

  4. Was eine schöne Doppelreihe! Komm gut hinein ins neue Jahr und ich bin voller Vorfreude, was sich her tun wird ;-) Lieben Gruß Ghislana

  5. I like your may drawing. It's a great idea to put something together and see. I imagine that it took a while showing this to us, while you were looking at what you'd made some memory's did come i guess. Have a nice evening and i'll see you!

  6. fun to have a glimpse of time through your year
    loved remembering some of them and seeing new ones
    you have me wondering about a daily challenge.... sounds like a great practice

  7. Love your work. I really enjoyed the snapshots sharing special moments in your life. Happy New Year!! :)

  8. ein glückliches neues jahr! ich freu mich auf neues und schicke liebe grüße,

  9. Lovely little drawings Stefanie! Do you keep these little journals? I used to keep journals regularly, but now the entries are much more sporadic. Still, it's lovely to look back isn't it? My favourite journals are always my daughter's summer journals which she kept form about 8 yrs old to about 18. They record our travels and our lives in Paris, Geneva, Prague and Oxford. It's lovely to look back, isn't it? Big hugs for a wonderful and artful 2015. x

  10. Hi Stefanie! I'm a little out of my blog. But not, by
    boredom or disinterest. It happens that I have a lot of work. I want to draw something for my blog but I have no time. I had wanted to start on this DC. with the theme proposed by Cerulean, but I was late. I just found out today. you are a good photographer of yourself! I mean: your selfies are very good. And your drawings obviously very good, as always! (I think some of you show here,i had not seen!) Good week for you, and I wish you a very good Year 2015 !!!!!!!! it is a creative year for Librans! (because I say so) :)


Danke - thank you - merci bien!