Samstag, 20. September 2014

drawing challenge: second hand

a painting study on an old carton backside

in the studio last week:

my space is on the wall: just a desk, chair and a cupboard (all second hand)

(keep passage clear!) would be kind...

new canvas, I make them look old and used.

important a place smells good.

a tajine - how did I get this?!

Seltnerselfie a bit frantic in the this time not her chaos

Welcome to Joke, her first time to host the d.c.!

When I started working in the studio last week I was thinking about the theme second hand. Looking around I was reflecting about an artist´s destiny: being happy to have a space to work, to share it with funny and strange people, being grateful if you can use furniture and get inspiring materials. I collected stages of working places in my life and I got lots of great second hand stuff or better call it treasures.

More about second hand at the blog of Joke,
thank you for visiting, have a good weekend!

(And by the way: 
If you need a fridge, 2-3 TV, a sofa and other really interesting things 
just leave a message...)


  1. i'd be tempted, but i'd rather turn your kind offer of furniture down... i think i may find myself in similar predicaments. on the other hand, giving those oldies a new destination is in most cases a welcome new life to them, so i do feel for our beloved vintage furniture bits and pieces. i hope you can bring them to good homes.
    i'm loving your aging effects, i always find it mentally difficult to age something, anything, although i love distressed...
    the study looks promising. i fact, i like it alot, as is!

  2. Working in a studio and doing things you really want, is great. I always like to take a look in the studio of a painter. It's very personal and gives me an idea how someone is working.

  3. fun to have a peak at your good smelling studio and you.
    also wonderful to hear where you got your inspiration for your beautifully textured painting.

  4. Stefanie, your studio looks like mine with second hand desks and chairs and cabinets. Well done. I love that you paint on and old carton. I paint on practically anything I can get my hands on. Hope you're having a lovely weekend. :D

  5. Wonderful this tour through your working space with all the 2nd hand items! And good smells are always wonderful.
    barbara bee

  6. A nice overview of your studio. The second photo made me smile. To collect stuff is one thing, to manage another one:) - eric

  7. Thanks for inviting us into your studio, Stefanie. I agree, one of the most grateful things is a space to create - one's own studio.
    That first painting, the study - love it!

  8. ;^))
    we are changing the living room
    more space, more empty
    so no thanks for the offering of furniture!

    your work
    how i love it
    and the tiny house makes me ;^))))


  9. I liked what you said about the artist destiny, i think that maybe, no place to work, no artist. Beyond that you're an artist by birth, and always will be, but your workplace, the smell of your workplace and the objects you have in your workplace, are inspiring. they are part of your work. It happened to me, that when I moved to where I live, it took me a long time, until I could really focus on my work.
    Yes, I am a "collector" of second-hand objects, and to me they are treasures! Have a nice weekend!!!! (oh i realize that left some days until weekend) :)

  10. Ha. Ich mag Deinen turbulenten Arbeitsplatz mit den alten Möbeln! Wie könnte es anders sein?


Danke - thank you - merci bien!