Sonntag, 31. August 2014

drawing challenge: Japan

Japan Papier

Ich kaufte        
einen Bogen    
Japanisches Papier  
faltete daraus     
ein Schiffchen   

Der Fluß in    
meinem Schoße    
führte es zu Dir    
ratlos stehe ich  
am Ufer   

Japan paper


I bought
an arc

Japanese Paper

a boat

The flow in  

my womb
it to you  

I am at a loss
on the shore

Our host this weekend: the great tinywoolf Nadine
please don´t miss to visit her fancy blog 
and the other participants!


  1. I like your interpretation! (did you wrote the words?) I think that poetry is in the words and images (both), (actually, I'm not talking about the pictures, but, I mean of the folded paper and the drawing)
    I felt the feeling of opening a package, not knowing what's inside. (the interaction between the artist and the observer is achieved, congratulations!)
    I give much importance to the inkblots you made, you know, it's the detail that denotes intention. I like to see the artist's intention, (stains could have been an accident) but they are not, you put them for something special, not by chance. that is the intention that I love in a work. I do not care the meaning, only the intention; is what differentiates an artist from another.
    Have a nice week!!!!! :)

  2. Wunderbare Worte zu einer wunderschönen Zeichnung...ich stehe lächelnd am Ufer.
    Herzliche Grüße

  3. a wee boat
    poetry and a dear drawing
    such a joy to take your sharing to heart

  4. Gedicht aus Japan Papier

    Ein kleines Gedicht aus Japan Papier
    Gezeichnet, gefaltet und verbal
    Direkt durchs Herz gesegelt kam es mir
    Und machte mich ganz sentimental
    Eine kleine japanische Reise
    Auf Deine so eigene Weise

    Lieben Dank dafür.

  5. ;^))
    the black and white
    the fine dots in the first image
    her sweet face
    the paper
    your words
    beautiful hommage to japan
    so fine to be here again

  6. Liebe Stefanie,
    dein Text und dein ins Boot gefaltetes Bild gehen eine Symbiose ein, die mich bewegt. Danke.
    Viele Grüße

  7. What a whimsical interpretation of the theme! The doubling of boats (drawn and origami) strengthens the idea of travelling and shows how big the longing for the beloved one is... Really wonderful, Stefanie!:)

  8. What a sweet boat! The simplicity makes me more imaginative. I too love Japanese paper.They can be used as tea mats at my house. I would be happy if your drawing is on the paper mats!!
    Happy days!

  9. I love what you did with this theme Stefanie- that paper looks really nice to work with- and the folding is perfect and like so many have already said -poetic :)

  10. Sehr schön! Ich mag vorallem die Materialität des Papieres und dazu die Kleckse, das Schwarz-Weisse, simple und poetisch, eben sehr japanisch - sehr gelungen, hat mir viel Spaß gemacht!
    barbara bee

  11. I love the paper, the ink, the origami..
    It is all so perfect.

  12. Wärmende Poesie aus Wort, Zeichnung und Papier... Lieben Gruß Ghislana

  13. i love the play in here, your post, and i am too fond of the poem to go with it! oh, it is so fragile and true. thank you for playing in your one and truly stefanie-way. n♥

  14. Hello, nice to meet you! I’ve never seen such a fantastic “origami boat" like this. I like it when you made it out of Japanese paper, not usual paper for paper-folding. I like it when ink runs on the paper.

    Thanks for your visit and joining my blog.

    Greetings from Japan

  15. Ok, my first time as host, I have to learn some things. Glad to see that you would like to join in. Have a nice day, Joke.


Danke - thank you - merci bien!