Dienstag, 12. August 2014

a bedroom outside



  1. VEry hot here last night, I could have used a bedroom outsiide!

  2. what a wonderful idea :)- love how cozy this one is

  3. I have always loved to do that. though we have a little backyard now, the appartment is groundfloor and too many people would pass my bed. but still, the idea is always tempting.

  4. Now, I understand! of course this is like sleeping in a sleeping bag on a camping !!!
    "Moonbathing! :)

  5. ooooh... sweet stefanie... it's been such a long while since i've visited your blog, i seem to always get stuck on fb. well, fortunately i get to see your dailies over there.
    now autumn is almost returning, we ladies are also returning to our drawing routines... so, the invitation is up : let's play! the DC {drawing challenges} is back. come and check out our new theme. we'll be expecting you. n♥

  6. ooo....
    i love this one!
    this year we went sailing with the 4 of us
    but there are just 3 beds in our little boat
    so i slept outside and felt like a princess ;^))


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