Montag, 9. Juni 2014

drawing challenge: upside down

This weekend suddenly no internet no phone -
turned me upside down and round and round I can tell you...

Patrice A. is our wonderful host this time, please take a walk at her place and have a nice day!


  1. Wow, I love your image, it is unique and clever, makes me smile and think.. and I know the no-internet-no-phone feeling! xo leena

  2. Wonderful. Your drawing is really upside down!

  3. Huuuh, die Dame steht ganz schön Kopf! Beinahe ein wenig picassoesque! Ginge mir auch so ohne Telefon und Internet!! ;-)

  4. Those feet, cute! She's really looking upside down.

  5. I always see your little women, very sexy.
    (I doubt that "sexy" is a word that can be used to discuss the work of an artist, but hey, I said in my blog that I have an open mind :)
    It always happens that at first glance, I see your drawings as "stripped" of items, I mean, very clean, line, pencil, paper, and sometimes some color. but I can "read" your drawing without difficulty. But then I start to see small details, (are the seasoning that your mind gets to the message) and I think that these little messages are the most important part of each your work. In this small details is the bottom of your intellect. everything else is anecdote, which you use to "hide" the truth (so to speak)
    Here are two details that attract my attention, one is the key, and the other, the small house in her hand.
    Sorry for so extensive a comment.
    I love the dirty feet!
    Have a nice day!!! (Hopping your internet and your phone return :)

  6. i also love those feet
    so cute that her tongue can reach
    my internet went out last week, the modem for my computer got zapped by lightening so close to my wee cabin.
    glad to see you got it figured out!

  7. My first thought seeing this was "my how flexible she is :)" and in a way when your world is upside down you kind of have to be flexible- no communication can be a pickle- though my guess is you got a lot of drawing in :)

  8. My dear you are channeling Federico Lorca! I mean your work is your work but you are on the same level of fabulousness as he! Love this to bits. *smiles* Norma, x
    p.s. yes it is interesting what we go through when we are without internet/phone. At least we can all understand exactly what your feelings were when it was happening. Nice to see you again!

  9. yeah, thàt feeling... we hang onto the strangest things, these days... and isn't it just liberating, in a sense, even if outworldly? i kinda like the soles of your lady's feet! n♥

  10. no phone or internet
    boy! that gave you time to draw, and paint, and.... ;^)))
    i love your sweet drawing of a very flexible woman
    who looks at ease seeing the world differently
    love that sweet little house (of course ;^)))
    and the 'flower'
    thank you sweet sister!

  11. Yes that would also turn me upside down and I am sure I would really create much better in that way as there will be no FB no blogging no instagram etc to go and peek at instead of work. Lovely drawing I like your style :)

  12. Hi, Stefanie - I think I would like an un-plugging from phone and internet but not for long! Wish I were as flexible as your drawn-woman. Would yoga-practice help me??? Happy week,

  13. JAAA, das kann ich sehr gut nachvollziehen, ich habe eine Stromleitung angebohrt und damit mein ganzes Kellergeschoß ohne Strom versetzt, so mit Waschmaschine etc und natürlich auch Internet, Tel u. TV, das konnte ich mit einer Verlängerungsschnur überbrücken, bloß warm Duschen ist im Moment nicht, argh ist das Wasser kalt.
    l.g. barbara bee

  14. Beautiful, unique and inspiring works! Truly fantastic!


Danke - thank you - merci bien!