Sonntag, 18. Mai 2014

drawing challenge: memory

Have you ever heard of
Marcel Proust "In Search of Lost Time"
when the taste of a madeleine cake dipped in a cup of tea inspires a nostalgic incident?

Memory inspires me to go back to a chapter of my life when I was obsessed by Madeleine(s).
Madeleine (alias Stefanie) is baking madeleine cakes in her kitchen in Berlin at Wismar Platz (must be 12 years ago).
Voila, some fuzzy video pics from the legendary "Küchenstriptease":

and the result

The fantastic Kristen is our host this weekend, please visit her blog to find some more artists and their memories!

Thank you all for dropping by, I hope you spend a memorable weekend!


  1. great madeleine_s!
    ein buch, das für so vieles so gut "herhält" – und sei es nur für herrliche narratologische analysen durch den von mir für eben diese sehr verehrten herrn genette.

  2. I love this post...the grainy photos invoke memory perfectly.

  3. that is a fun strand of photos
    i feel as though i have gone back in time as well
    i suppose it is the colors and graininess of the images
    your little cakes are beautiful

  4. A funny memory it seems to me, Dear Stefanie! I like these old photos, which so neatly fit the theme. Wishing you a week of happy memories,

  5. These are great Stephanie!- I can almost hear the clicking of an old super 8 as if this was a movie- and so happy and spontaneous :)
    Thanks so much for playing along-best Kristen

  6. OK OK. Amazing!
    I do not want to be obvious and fall into places and common phrases.
    Perhaps we all have a stage in our life where we feel obsessed to be someone else (you, even find a name for that person)
    Hidden memories in our minds from a past life? or future? Who knows!
    it could be that you've been a Madeleine in the past?
    No matter, I have an obsession. Did you baked these madeleine? They look appetizing, So, good artist, and also a good cooking cakes !!!!!
    Congratulations Madeleine M. (alias Stefanie)
    And have a very nice week!!!! :)

  7. ha! ;^))))
    i love your memory and tha grained images
    must have been a wonderful summery day
    and Madeleine cakes in the end


    thank you!!!!
    it's standing in my work room
    next to the booklet you gave me before

  8. Must be a funny time. The pictures make me feel that I'm there at that moment. And madeleines.....mmmmm

  9. ha ha ha... i try hard to find the connexxion between madeleines and striptease, but i'll give it a go.
    it so happens i love madeleines too. i taste their peculiar taste on my tongue, simply thinking of them. i have tried to bake them, and i failed. i have written a post on my mother, myself, if you like, who happens to be called... madeleine.
    right. a circle, he?
    but at east your memorable result is there! n♥

  10. o la la, das sind ja heisse Erinnerungen an wilde Zeiten!
    barbara bee

  11. Looks like secret memories:) Take a walk on the wild side.

  12. Was zum Gucken für Roberto ;-)
    dear Stefanie,
    This reminds me of my wild twenties... thank you!
    Love the fuzzy pictures, like in a painting... pointillism with grid.


  13. Haha, die heiße Bäckerin!! Danke, Du bringst mich zum Lachen mit dieser wundervollen Erinnerung.
    Ich bin sicher, ein wenig Madeleine steckt immer noch in Dir. Und in uns allen. ;-)
    Frohes Wochenende (vielleicht mit Backen?)


Danke - thank you - merci bien!