Samstag, 3. Mai 2014

drawing challenge: food

Our host this time is the great Patrice A., please visit her blog to find the foodstories of the other participants. 
Some days ago I ate a blueberry cake, after I made this little drawing on the plate. (As you might noticed the kitchen table often is my working place...) The violet was kind of inspiring same as this carton. Don´t know why but I always loved them. The house-lollipop is for you, dear Patrice!

Here is the link again to my interview about daily projects at Crystal Moody, unhappily it didn´t work last time, there you will find some ideas for an artist´s soulfood.

Have a delicious weekend and thanks for dropping by!


  1. Hallo Stefanie,
    habe es gerad erst entdeckt. Mache gerne mit....aber erst morgen am Sonntag! Dein Bild auf dem Tortendeckel finde ich wunderbar!

  2. glorious! i am always in love with these cardboard plates when i get them {as are you, it seems}, and i've often wondered what could i do with them? well, thank you for showing me how stefanie does it. the backgrounds are just so organic! ;)))
    house lollipop! like!
    must still look into your interview, love. will do. you're the second in line! x

  3. Ah, this could be called food-art!
    or post-meal art :)
    Do you know, to the left of the lollipop, I see a face on the spot?, A forehead, a nose, and an eye, as looking down (??)
    Good weekend to you, Stefanie!!!! :)

  4. Wunderbar dien Blaubeerkuchenprinzessin ;-)

    Liebe Grüße Claude

  5. I love the blueberry staining :)
    Your drawings are always so wonderful - I love the lollipop house too

  6. morgen back ich blaubeerkuchen. mal sehen, ob nach dem essen auch prinzessinen vorbeikommen!
    tolle idee und so wunderschön bemalt, gemalt!
    und jetzt schau ich nochmal bei crystal vorbei.
    liebe grüße, mano

  7. ach, was ist das toll!!! kuchen essen und dann kommt noch süße seelennahrung obendrauf. wie zauberhaft! lieben gruß ghislana

  8. Stefanie, this is cute. I love how you transformed the plate. :)

  9. wow, I love this! And I love that you just draw on whatever you see and inspire you, like teabags and this plate. I love that color too and this drawing is absolutely great! (danke für deine liebe worten auf mein blog!)

  10. OOPS, I think my comment got away, so forgive me if this is a second - I love the fun of your blueberry cake plate drawing, Stefanie! Happy week to you and your family,

  11. Siehste mal, da wird der Mut zu ungesundem Essen und Flecken doch echt mal belohnt. Klasse Arbeit!
    barbara bee

  12. wow awesome! Your work is totally amazeballs every time! x

  13. Oh this is so Fun! and spontaneous which I love and admire :)

  14. loved the interview

    hmmmm.... cake!
    thanks for the lollipop ;^))))
    i love that you go with the flow
    that you use what's there like the blueberry spots
    i should start that daily project again... i should

    thanks for playing
    and being such an inspiration

  15. ich melde mich aus der versenkung zurück und bedanke mich aller herzlichst bei dir für den brief voller kunstwerke! besonders toll fand ich ja den kartengruß vom wismarplatz! :)

    und das hier ist ja auch genial! tolle kuchenmatschmalerei. die farben sind klasse :)

    liebe grüße, doro


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