Dienstag, 13. Mai 2014

Am Anfang - at the beginning

10,5 x 8 cm

Seit einer guten Weile fertige ich kleine und immer größer werdende Zeichnungen wie diese hier.
Ich nenne die Serie "le je n´est pas le moi" (Lacan) - ich mag diesen Satz.
Irgendetwas tut sich.

It makes a while now that I´m doing small (they becoming bigger and bigger) drawings like this one.
The series is called: "le je n´est pas le moi" (Lacan) - I just like this expression. 
Something is happening.


  1. Eine Lust, dass du dir dabei zuschauen lässt ;-). Herzlich Ghislana

  2. Interesting.
    Minimal expression with deep meaning.
    Perhaps I could say here, like you said, very strange, an apparent disconnect between writing and painting. Often (in my case) my illustration is not a strictly literal, graphic representation of the writing, I mean? then the observer feels like a disconnection. That, I think, is good as creates mystery, doubt, questions.
    Or, yes, I tried to represent, with drawing and colors, that previously written. but simply I did not succeed. because I did not use the proper language, or my language is too cryptic. In this case, also happens the same, the viewer does not understand what he sees, and not bad, so be it. the variables are endless. :)

  3. Am Anfang war der Fleck, fast ein biblischer Ausgangspunkt, da ist alles an Entwicklung drin, sehr interessanter Ansatz. barbara bee

  4. entstehen lassen - inspirierend, faszinierend... eintauchen in un(ter)bewusstere ebenen, spannend.
    herzlichen gruß


Danke - thank you - merci bien!