Samstag, 5. April 2014

drawing challenge


a nest of used teabags for a teabag doll
(still don´t know what to do with the doll heads)

a nest of (used) coffeefilters 

Lovely Ariane is our host this week, please visit her blog for all the other artists and their nestling.
Thanks for stopping by, have a nice weekend!


  1. these are really all quite wonderful, quirky and charming. I love what you have done with the teabags. your heads are gorgeous nestled in their nests of hair and hats!

  2. Sometimes when I see your work, a wave of ideas comes to my head. Other times, I have not a word to say. (Today, for example)
    I guess both cases, speak well of your art. Because, when awakened my imagination is good, and when I stared with my mouth open, speechless, too
    I swear I did not see the word of the DC. and when I saw the faces I thought it had a kind of old cap, as worn by women old times ago.
    My favorite is the last one, with the high cap, almost a gnome!
    good weekend, Stefanie! :)

  3. your work is so wonderful! this drawing challenge...where do i find out beforehand what the challenges are Stefanie? I would love to join in with this more but can't find out where the prompts are early enough! your work is an inspiration, i hope you realise that xxx

  4. verliebt in die geschlossenäugige.
    und ein nesthaus aus alten teebeuteln wünschte ich mir.

  5. Liebe Stefanie,
    wonderful! especially that photo where you hold the pretty head in the filter nest! It is full with nestling atmosphere.

    And: Well, I see right from the start your beautiful heads as marionettes. Dressed in clothes made from filter paper... gathering with tea and coffee ;-)

    Thank you for playing!


  6. jeez, i love your paper nests, and also the heads in them... i find that face in your image # 1 is so innocent, she breaks my heart; in a good way. n♥

  7. Love love love your nesting dolls Stefanie! Especially the one with the pointed hat. Too cute for words. Love this art idea with the blossoms. Rose dolls. Wonderful art. Norma, x

  8. It's wonderful how you've used "worthless" material.

  9. Oh these heads are wonderful Stephanie! are they clay- but you've used pencil on them they are extensions of your drawings- really great- more please :)

  10. I am enchanted by these doll heads and the nests of filters and bags!
    Bravo, Stefanie!

  11. alle teebeutelnester der welt wünschen sich jetzt deine puppen als bewohner!

  12. hallo Stefanie and thankd for your nice comment on my blog!
    these heads are so enchanting…I,m really very fond of them./britt-marie

  13. such a sweet, sweet face!
    i love the 'nest' you made in the 4th picture from above
    it makes me happy, it looks so comfortable


  14. Oh what a lovely interpretation of nests….such a sweet face….really charming!


Danke - thank you - merci bien!