Montag, 10. März 2014


Mischtechnik auf Leinwand - mixed media on canvas, 50x40 cm.

Ein neues Bild, noch ohne Titel, das sich schwer fotografieren lässt - zumindest mir fällt es schwer. Aber einen Eindruck bekommt man schon.
Die Farben mag ich, frag mich, wie ich das hingekriegt hab, richtig bonbonfarben.

New work, no title yet, I have difficulties to take a good picture. But I hope you get an idea of it.
I really like the colors, though they are unusual for me.

Have a good week - wünsche einen guten Wochenstart!


  1. ohja, die farben sind super. irgendwie fröhlich, aber nicht zu sehr!

  2. toll! eine richtige Farbexplosion!
    schon seltsam wie die Dinge manchmal "von allein" passieren, nicht wahr?
    liebe Grüsse!

  3. Oh wie schön...ein echter Farbrausch..ich mag diese Farben...Man merkt es wird Frühling!

    Lieben Gruß Claude

  4. yes, I realize that there are not the usual colors on you, anyway, the "story" it is still yours,
    one can see your "hand" here.
    I like the vibrant colors you are using. Actually, I think I could say that you are now using colors, your previous production (which I saw) had almost no color.
    I like this strange being (a faun?) with an umbrella / woman very dramatic. I think even your most simple drawings are dramatic.
    Maybe you handle very well the beautiful side of drama, I like it.
    it's a painting to see many times, but captures the beholder, from the first time. have a nice week S.!

  5. Very lovely mixed media piece. Now I want to grab my oils and have a go. Nicely done. :)

  6. Hey, this is different! The colors are beautiful, still a bit fragile, like sun dawn! I like the umbrella skirt and the see through effect: The bird with the egg and the cat with the bird. Bye!


Danke - thank you - merci bien!