Samstag, 22. Februar 2014

drawing challenge: eye contact

eye contact, 20.2.2014
mixed media on wood, 80x80 cm.

eye contact - a very inspiring theme, you might go --> there to get more information.
For sure you have to go here at our host this weekend dear Renilde to make contacts with more artists!

Have a fine weekend!


  1. Augen - was kann es Schöneres geben? Eine berührende Geschichte bei dir .... eine tolle Idee von Renilde.

    P. S. Heute las ich:
    "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." - Marcel Proust

    Passt ☺.

    Liebe Grüße schickt dir Manu

  2. Gefällt mir, sehr sogar!
    VG STefanie

  3. I love the addition of colour to this piece.

  4. liebe stefanie, wie sehr mag ich dieses bild! alleine das ineinanderverschmelzen der farben drückt schon das thema so fein aus.
    hab ein feines wochenende! alles liebe

  5. Hey, here, there is eye contact, heart contact, hands contact, and there is a kind of "pleasure contact", between the artist and the observer (the artist painting and the observer, enjoying)
    And, surely, there are many contacts as there are observers of your painting
    And there is a last contact, mysterious, that makes to the observer wants to decipher your language, but without being sure about what you're talking about here, this is one of the most interesting contacts (I would say a "half contact" that drives to watch your painting again and again, trying to discover the "beginning" and "end" of your painted story!
    I want to tell you that in the last painting, I think I did virtual eye contact with you :) !!!!!
    Have a nice weekend S.

  6. you have made me chuckle with your wonderful painting, because of the literal eye contact.

    your photo with eye contact with us made me smile too, i love your perception and humor.

  7. einfach schön..., jeder sieht etwas anderes in einem bild.
    vom künstler nicht immer bewußt gewollt.
    es bleibt die vergangenheit, der schatten...allein.
    liebe grüße und einen schönen sonntag...gruß uwe

  8. Wundervoll..., eine ganz herzliche Interpretation des DC-Themas, ich mag sie sehr, die beiden... Lieben Gruß Ghislana

  9. oh, another beautiful work of art... i love how you interpreted EYE contact here...they are also connected in every other way - the heart, the face, etc. Thank you for sharing this with us. You are a wonderful artist! xx

  10. You have such a way with your eyes, Stefanie! I love your painting. It was a surprise to see it was much bigger than I had pictured. Have a great Sunday. xo Carole

  11. I try not to see others drawing challenge posts before I can get to mine, but your picture grabbed my attention. It is perfect!!

  12. Great interpretation of the theme! (I love that shadow!)

  13. sweet you!
    yours and Renilde, i love them
    the two faces, the eyes that make real contact
    that little hous ;^))

    such a wonderful theme!!


  14. hey babes. i spy, i spy... with my little eye.... stefanie!
    one eye, one heart... that's you, he?
    so accurate, this challenge 'commission'....

  15. This reminds me of a game I play with my kids where you look each other in the eye so close you end up seeing one singular eye- they crack up every time we play...this is so sweet and you too there at the end ;)

  16. A knock-out painting, Stefanie. I am especially drawn to the shadow area where the white lines suggest more eye contact.
    happy week to you and your dear ones, sus

  17. I see eye contact without really eye contact. The eye contact is there already and always, so they don't have to face each other. And thats because they have heart contact. One heart, one love! Wow!

  18. from the eye to the heart, excactly!
    love the composition, the shadow part with the eyes is great, it makes the more fragile heart area pop out even more,
    thanks dear Stefanie, xx

  19. Oh, wie wunderschön! Ein wunderbares Beispiel, wozu Blickkontakt manchmal führen kann. Blicke treffen sich, Herzen treffen sich und die Schatten verschmelzen zu einem...


Danke - thank you - merci bien!