Montag, 6. Januar 2014

Bougainvillea from Kenia

This post is dedicated to Rossichka from Bulgaria who send me "some of my treasures":
Bougainvillea flowers from Kenia.
She picked them up because they remind her of paper.
It´s very inspiring and I consider it an honour to use them for my little drawings.

Have a nice week!


  1. deine blütenbildmädchen sind soooo schön, liebe stefanie:)
    neujahrsliebste grüße von birgit

  2. Oh, what an honour!!! And joy! And delight!...
    Thank you, Stefanie, they are all wonderfu! I like the slightly melancholic mood and the sense of protection, love and care!
    Wish you more quiet and "unhurry" days!xox

  3. This is beautiful, Stefanie! Very delicate. For me it's a miracle that this flower blossomed in Kenya, fell on the path where Rossichka came walking by. It was picked up by her hands and she took it with her to Bulgaria. She carefully dried it, tought of you and put in a Bulgarian envelop that made it's way to Germany. Now it's transformed into a hat-with-a-heart under which your little figures find shelter. It's a great piece made by two darling girls!

  4. wo gut sie harmonieren, die feinen blüten und deine schönen linien.

  5. oh, die sehen ja toll aus zu deinen zeichnungen :) schön!

  6. Hi, my dear artist!
    I missed your creativity!
    I love the four small works!
    It's good to work from something that someone sends us. I like to think that "it" that is sent to us, has "some" of the person who sent it, and is something that takes our mind to start creating, not from nothingness, emptiness, zero, you understand ? these little flowers that Rossichka sent to you, brought on themselves the inspiration for you to do these drawings and not others. These drawings only could have been made, from, those flowers. its a nice idea dont you believe so?
    Stefanie, still showing your art please! :))))

  7. immer wieder sprachlos machen sie mich.
    deine feinen pinselstriche.
    zusammengefügt zu etwas wundersam wunderschönem!!!


  8. A great use and honoring of these beautiful blossoms, Stefanie.
    xxoo - sus

  9. so bezaubernd! die rockvariante hat mir auch sehr gut gefallen. ja, sie hat recht, die getrockneten blüten sind wie papier - wunderschönes papier, und sie passen hervorragend zu deinen filigranen zeichnungen!
    herzlichste FROHJAHRSgrüße

  10. wahnsinnig schön!! diese farbe zur tusche - einfach genial.
    liebe grüße!


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