Montag, 7. Oktober 2013

winner of the cups

Well, I don´t know what to say... thank you all so much for spending time, for coming with your wonderful cups, for your wishes! It´s so much fun to visit all your blogs, I appreciate it a lot!

I spend a very nice weekend and got lots of flowers and some fantastic mail, for example from Michaela, Mano, Celine, Roberto, Sita and Eva (where is your blog by the way??):

The winner of the giveaway is...

I hope I did not forget anybody, I´m still sorting myself...
Thank you, have a fine day!


  1. wonder-ful! so happy for you you had a beautiful birtday weekend. x

  2. ich freu mich für dich! so viel schöne post! und die wunderbaren blumen... es war mir ein vergnügen das erste mal bei einer dc dabeizusein!
    lieben gruß

  3. NO??? i don't believe my eyes, is that my name ? awesome!!!!
    i came here to check who had played, i'm always so busy on sunday and monday, so i still have to visit them all and wow now i'm so surprised,
    hope you had a little after party as well, it looks fantastic at your place, x


Danke - thank you - merci bien!