Samstag, 24. August 2013

drawing challenge: nature

Great tiny woolf Nadine invited us to this weekly drawing challenge with a big theme: nature.
Lots of ideas came to my mind... but well, my nature still is quite lazy (I call it "my holiday modus") so I decided to just show you some pictures from an older sketchbook. The flowers are from California, a friendly guy called Hans send them in this little book, I fixed them and started drawing.
You might follow --> here and --> here to my older posts concerning to this kind of work.
And don´t miss to visit the other participants of this d.c., you will find them at Nadine!

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy your weekend!

(me natural without any make up two years ago) 


  1. Das Büchlein würde ich Dir zu gern stibitzen…
    herzliche Grüsse

  2. Just great, wonderful, beautiful I love them all! Weiss wirklich nicht was ich sonst sagen soll, ich finde die bilder so schön! Und dein photo auch: pur natur;-)

  3. your week in nature is very, very awesome. it is a fairytale story, what with the power of the flower! i have missed your little lady, telling us the simplest things. i've got only myself to blame, and i will call myself back to visit-blogland-order!

    on behalf of the summer 2014 event, we will of course keep you posted and try to take your wishes in account! it'll work out!!

    thank you for playing, stefanie
    ps - your 'natural' is awesome too, by the way!

  4. oooooooooooooh........
    stefanie. du bist für mich die gRößte!
    ich bin veRliebt. in jedes einzelne.
    liebst. käthe.

  5. I like, and I like the idea of ​​sending dried flowers. I like all the designs-flowers, I find in them something "mysterious", as in your eyes, you have the same look as when you were a little girl. (and in this photo, the same bangs, do not look bad)I think, women should not abuse the makeup, I prefer this natural face :)))
    Ha Ha I see a little bit of your legs there? or it seems to me? would be a good angle to take photos too.

    OK, another issue:
    Eh... perhaps I am needing a compliment, I'm repeating myself with my drawings. I do not see anything new.

    (I liked the term "fishing")
    S. you made me go to Google, and when I translated, I laughed a lot :D
    (probably there are out there, envious persons, may be, may be, but not because my drawings :) I keep laughing.
    but it is possible that you're right,this woman is "grün vor Neid" so she pulled the man´s head. you notice? something like, "with passion but without sweetness" :)
    gutes Wochenende!!!!!! (Google translator again)

  6. how i have missed your fine drawings
    i just LOVE them all
    like i love the little twist in some of them ;^)))

    have a fine weekend!
    Patrice A.

  7. an blumenstängeln in die luft gehen, eine vorstellung, die ich mag.
    liebe grüße!

  8. Lazy? How would we know if you hadn't told - these are perfect little drawings for the challenge.

  9. hello,

    these are adorable
    i truly enjoyed seeing each one ~

  10. I love how you have incorporated the flowers and drawings into one lovely creation. They are all lovely, and I continue to look. Loved the older posts too, as well as your natural self portrait. Thank you for sharing it all, and enjoy the last bits of summer.

  11. So totally clever and non-lazy, Stephanie! Again, I'm smiling at the end of your post. Thank you. xo Carole

  12. Such a cheerful post with lovely images, thank you Stefanie! Leena

  13. Oh, die sind mal wieder wundervoll. Ganz großartig. Blumenhüte, -sonnen- und -fallschirme...zauberhafte Zwergenwelt! Und wer braucht schon Make-Up, wenn er (sie!) auch ohne so elfengleich daherkommt! ;o)

  14. Pressed flower fancies, delightful!
    kisses on your fresh face!

  15. Liebe Stefanie es ist doch immer wieder faszinierend für mich zu sehen, wie die jeweilige Persönlichkeit bei jeder dc durchscheint und speziell diese blumigen Zeichnungen finde ich ganz besonders wunderbar - herzerwärmend schön.
    Fühl dich bitte eingeladen zur nächsten dc bei mir!

  16. love it... and the little story behind it,you respected the uniqueness of each flower,the way you placed them and your fine drawings make it stand out even more, so nice to have a peek into your imagination again,

    i had a peek at your summer feet, they dance through the season so happily, so nice to know, x

  17. So delightful- this little book- I love how happy it makes me feel to scroll down- and your face at the end a real smile there :)

  18. So fun and beautiful little book, i´m so glad to meet you here!

  19. Ganz einfach sooooooo zauberhaft schön diese Blütenwesen, die in dem Büchlein versammelt sind...!!! Und du! Lieben Gruß Ghislana

  20. Beautiful Stefanie! Beautiful without makeup and beautiful with makeup and beautiful in spirit. Well I just tore up a whole bunch of branches of tiny Ivy leaves which I have laying in a heavy book to press flat and I'm planning to use them in art in my tea bag books and so this post just really grabbed me as you can imagine! These are so lovely. And I look forward to clicking on the links to your older work of this type, but I just had to come visit here first! Love this Stefanie! N, xo

  21. These little figures seem to have grown organically with the flowers. It is all so very lovely and touching, and all the more so that the flowers were sent to you.


  22. Dear Stefanie, your collages are amazing! I like this little world, where people and flowers live like equals. All your drawings are tender and dreamy! I like most numbers 2, 7, 8 and especially 4! Your exhibition in the garden (protected against rain and insects!) is lovely!

  23. jedes bild hat sein eigenes flair, ich liebe sie alle, bin verzaubert vom zweiten und begeistert vom letzten.
    großartig!! :-) mano

  24. Einfach entzückend ! Deine Fußaktionen sind auch ganz große Klasse....♥Kerstin


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