Samstag, 22. Juni 2013

drawing challenge: solstice

Those days are busy, but the muse told me not to worry about...
So I show you a painting from 2007. That year I was moving from Berlin to the south of Germany, the nature gave me feelings of peace and healing I was looking for. This painting is inspired by the lake of Konstanz. And it reminds me of the summer 1992 when I travelled through Norway - the bright nights are exciting! Well, but where is the sun? If you take a look at the right you might recognize a trace.

40x30 cm, mixed media on canvas.
The lovely Kristen invited us to this d.c., please visit her and all the other artists - have a nice weekend!


  1. yes i see a lot of light and peace and the turning of time, meditation
    i see your hand in this work, already a little figure on a roof,
    it's so beautiful to see how your work grew, makes me already curious of what is to come...

  2. ich sehe sie. die sonne. das licht.
    genieße den stuRm. denn nach stuRm kommt Ruhe. immeR.
    liebe gRüße. käthe.

  3. weirdly interesting to witness early work.
    i like your evolution!
    sun. did you mention sun at all? didn't think so. hiccup.

  4. Was für eine feine Fischparade sich da tummelt! Ein Bild zum Durchatmen! Mit Deiner Erklärung dazu so nachvollziehbar! Ich wünsche Dir ein wundervolles Wochenende voller guter (Arbeits-?) Momente! Liebste Grüße von Meike

  5. i enjoyed looking at each detail photo
    wondering what the whole painting would look like
    it is wonderful
    lovely solstice to you
    i think busy time is a large part of solstice

  6. Oh ich kann die sonne sehen! ichy hoffe sie ist bei dir, hier ist sie weit weg;-( Und wie interessant es ist fruhere arbeiten von dir zu sehen! Mann erkennt das die natur dich gut tut im dem bild, so nach berlin... das wenige blau ist sehr schon im dem braun. Wirklich gut mal eine altere arbeit zu sehen!

  7. I agree--the bright nights bring their own entertainment and joy. This journey looks like it was a happy one for you. The fish, a little house (the wheel house, or a symbolic one of your household move?), the sea and sky, and an adventurous traveler in the middle of it all. Very, very nice!

  8. Yes Stefanie! It is wonderful to see earlier work. I enjoy the fish along the bottom very much. They are on the move. Perhaps to a new lake in their lives. I see the sun too. In the background shadows, but there, doing its' bit in the dance of moon, stars, planets, the universe itself. Happy time to you, friend. N, xo

  9. you've changed so much dear friend.
    and I'll tell you that this change, from my point of view is positive.
    I see your new expressive language much more "seltner" than this
    that you had in 2007 (sorry to say, no offense to you)
    anyway this painting is excellent! my admiration!

    you say is there strange energy?
    I do not know, sometimes I have more desire to draw and paint and it shows in the result, you notice that?
    everything can be, on paper
    byeee, have a nice week .)
    oh, ps: I think the color and texture in this painting are in total balance (Libra)

  10. what a wonderful peek into the past here! I agree with Roberto as to how much you've changed...or that sounds not quite right, but moved maybe in your style- though you are most certainly true to yourself- there is still the excitement and symbolism that I love to see in your work :)
    Happy summer to you and Thanks so much for playing along!

  11. Your faint sun is all we have here and it is behind the clouds, Stefanie.
    I hope your summer isn't too busy for you and that you will have time to relax in the sun with those you love.
    Happy week to you. xo Carole

  12. hab mich grad durch kleine und große geister und viele füße geklickt (toll wie immer!) und mag jetzt dein sonniges rad (oder ist es ein bodensee mühlrad?) mit haus und kleinem hausgeist. und finde es spannend, welche elemente früher da waren und wie sie sich weiter entwickelt haben. die "heilkraft natur" finde ich wunderbar dargestellt.
    liebe grüße von mano

  13. Ganz anders als deine Arbeiten heute und sehr interessant, ein bisschen Tribal-Art-mässig, passt sehr gut zu dem was du dazu (be)schreibst.
    Ach ja der Bodensee! Hab mal als Kind in Ravensburg gewohnt, da waren wir häufiger am Bodensee, aber mehr so Lindau, Friedrichshafen und Bregenz...
    Liebe Grüße Barbara

  14. Hi, Stefanie - I can't believe I missed this post. So interesting to see your previous work and compare it to what I know of your work now. All good!
    xxxooo, sus


Danke - thank you - merci bien!