Samstag, 8. Juni 2013

drawing challenge: mood board

This board is one of my treasures: a long time ago I took it with me from --> there.
Last week my daughter experimented on it.
Einer meiner besonderen Schätze: Ein Brett, das ich seinerzeit von --> diesem Ort mitnahm.
Letzte Woche hat meine Tochter darauf experimentiert.

Voila, the result!

...and this is a detail of a drawing I did the same day.
Detail einer Zeichnung, die am gleichen Tag entstanden ist.
Nur mood:
Have a look at Ariane, our lovely host this week, for more mood boards!

That day grandma presented a "puzzle moody bear".
Ein Geschenk von Oma am gleichen Tag.


  1. ach schön! so still versunken im gänseblümchenkosmos.

    und auch dein bild. schön! fühle eine veränderung in deinen bildern. verdichtend schön!

    wünsch dir ein sonnenverblümtes wochenende. ich geh jetzt raus. gänseblümchen pfücken...

    fühl dich geherzt ♥

  2. Wunderschon! I love it, your personal moodbord, your daughter is so sweet and it looks like she worked with a lot of concentration;-)
    Und im deinem bild mag ich die rote farbe immer so sehr, zusammen mit dem schwarz, finde ich toll! und das madchen was da liegt!

  3. sommeR. sonne. blumentRaum.
    so fein und liebevoll dRapieRt.
    peRfekt eingefangen.
    liebste gRüße. käthe.

  4. kindersommer. was vom größten.

    and she made it so seriously
    love it!

    Patrice A.

  6. Pudgy little hands and feet, working with great purpose
    Tiny spring flowers in a morning mandala
    Sun and shadow splashed across the grass
    Inspired painting and a loving gift
    A wonderful mood board!

  7. i love your daughters mood board! such a sweet thing to do, inspiring great photos .
    wonderful to see the mood of your art that day too

  8. Lovely, sunny, sweet and beautiful! x Leena

  9. I can see why you treasure the board - it is beautiful! And what beauty there is in the creation your daughter made. I too loved seeing the images of her so busy working. And the outcome is lovely. What a wonderful time it looks like you had. I especially love the photo with her shadow when she is finished. Her shadow looks as if she is so happy with the results. I hope that was the case. I also love the detail of your painting you shared.

  10. those fingers placing, replacing.. the sun shining..
    roubaix... ;)))

  11. Those chubby little hands and feet I love them at that age. What a sweet photoessay.

    Helen x

  12. Very sweet, those little hands at work!

  13. Always, in a painting or a drawing, there is something that draws attention more than the other elements (I think)
    in this case, I can not take my eyes off the hands of your little daughter, but the table is very beautiful and interesting, with its worn paint, his written words, and screws, a unique piece.
    Your daughter is good for the Land Art!
    these flowers we call "Manzanilla" and are good to make a tea to relax, you know?
    when we were kids, we removed the petals one by one, saying she loves me, she loves me not, and when you get the last petal, you knew the truth, Ha Ha. We did it over and over again, not realizing that the number of petals is always the same!
    Ps:. very beautiful the way you drew the woman lying with panties, a detail!!!!
    Have a nice week!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. So wonderful! I love documenting the creations of my kids too!- it instantly sets a wonderful mood of wonder and exploration and love of course :)

  15. Oh, like her mom... dear Stefanie... your daughter is an artist like you! and look at her hands, schnüff, so sweet :)
    Its a great flowery mood board! Thanks to your daughter... and you, taking photos at the proper time. and even for your painting... merkwürdig, the belly button touches me especially.

    xo Ariane.

  16. Oh these little hands and feet
    put me in quite a nostalgic moon, Stefanie.
    Love, sus

  17. :))))!
    besser geht's nicht!
    liebe grüße, mano

  18. Little hands creating a mood of tenderness and love.
    Precious, Stefanie. Thank you.

  19. Och, ist das süß!
    Wie versunken Kinder oft in das sind, was sie tun, das kann man hier richtig spüren.
    Und auch ich bin ganz hin und weg von diesen Händchen und Füßchen!
    Ganz zu schweigen von dem finalen Arrangement, sehr schön. Gänseblümchenkunst.

  20. looking at a child busy creating, attentive, what goes on in that little head,
    lovely how you photographed her and her creation,

    i love the sun and shadow in your drawing, xx

  21. It is fascinating to see how this creation on the board grew and grew and grew and then was complete. Did your daughter let you know that it was complete, or 'done'? Isn't it neat that there are so many flowers, they practically hide or cover the rock completely. And the most precious of all is to see those little fingers so busy. This young girl has a delicate touch it looks like. Assured and delicate. What a tiny artist you have there Stefanie. She is starting her art journey young! With the support of you and with you as a wonderful role model. This is a great gift you have given/are giving to her. N, x
    Your drawing as always has interesting telling lines. I like the outline of her torso. *smiles*


Danke - thank you - merci bien!