Samstag, 11. Mai 2013

drawing challenge: smell

smell - Geruch
40x30 cm, acrylic, carbon, ink on paper

Smells like home, like family, like sex, like human nature, a circle.

At beautiful Barbara you will find more artists and their ideas about smell.
May your weekend smells good - wünsche ein duftes Wochenende!


  1. Without a lot of words you just nailed it! Love it, especially the orange spot and the woman above it with the hand;-) That is my favorite part!

  2. LOVE IT!
    da mussten jetzt gerufene Versalien her, liebe Stefanie ;)
    Es ist grandios, Dein Bild. und die verschiedenen Gerüche spürbar.. selbst die Unterschiede.
    The circle comes complete...

    xo Ariane.

  3. a perfect circle of human nature
    the love, the sex, the family, the house
    all what i like and love
    with it's special scents
    wich you have drawn so beautifully
    the embrace, the touch
    just all of it!!

    Patrice A.

  4. Ohummmmmm (not Om)
      Ehhhhh. you are the Master of the Concept!!
    I love your style, because to express concept, you do not need pictures of 3 meters by 2 meters, colors, etc.. etc. for you is enough, with one tea bag, or a cigarette paper, or
    a small canvas. I admire the freedom that is in your creativity, anything can exist in a small space, everything is real, the viewer, should only introducirce in Seltner Universe, and reality turns on itself, all can be, for example , that a circle is represented by a square, do you noticed that? :)
    I like the smells that you name.
    I always like that touch "sexy" that your little women got!!!
    I wish you a weekend surrounded by the best smells :)))

    were these too many compliments for a single comment? ;)))

  5. most amazing, the circle you make, the circle you've drawn, the cycle you've entered.

  6. What a rich piece! really speaks to memory! and I love the void in the center- where everything meets- a culmination- so wonderful! Stefanie

  7. This piece contains fire and passion and peace and strength - all within this circle of humanity. Again so beautifully done.

  8. This image evokes strong feelings, because of smells we don't smell but which are printed in our brain and we know what you mean. Body odours, home, sex, intimate smells, and therefore very exciting. Perhaps. I think.

  9. Stefanie this work so unique, so original, so powerful, embraces the viewer into the circle. Your work continues to knock my socks off. When you work, do you work with music, always in your studio, ever out of doors, slowly, quickly, do you complete the work in one sitting, or do you leave things for periods of time to come back to work on it, how often are you quite surprised about what has shown itself on the canvas, and are you ever uncomfortable by anything that develops out of the paint brush or drawing tool? I wish I could talk to you for hours. Love your work. N, xo

  10. Liebe Stefanie, du hast die Geschichte und Bedeutung von Gerücheen/Düften für uns Menschen ganz wundervoll zeichnerisch umgesetzt, besonders schön auch der Akzent mit leuchtendem Orange.
    Danke fürs mitmachen.
    Liebe Grüße

  11. so intuitive - so perfectly...right!

  12. ein lebendiger, reicher lebenskreis, der so viel nachdenkenswertes enthält!

  13. This has great earthy feeling. Nose is definitely the main organ to sense it, great work!

  14. I have enjoyed reading the reactions to your work as much as the work itself!

  15. Stefanie, the honest intimacy of this piece... I feel honored that you share with us, your viewers. xxoo, sus

  16. Smells like spirit, kann ich dazu nur sagen. Der 'teen' darin hat sich sozusagen verduftet und ist groß geworden, hat Seele und Tiefe und den Lebenskreis erkannt, in dem auch Gerüche ihre ganz eigene Rolle innehaben.

    Wieder mal ein Bild, vor dem ich in einem Museum (wo es in meinen Augen hingehört) ganz sicher länger verweilen würde, und das sage ich jetzt nicht nur, weil Du es bist. ;o)

  17. jedem vertraut. und doch deine ganz eigene sehr persönliche duftspirale. da kann man nur danken für´s zeigen. namasté ♥

    zur räucherfrage hab ich auf meinem blog geantwortet...

    herzgruß ♥ tatjana

  18. totally wonderful! the idea and how you painted it,
    a circle...circled in, the intimacy of our 'nest',our family, sex, it's typical smells.

    (your interpretation of the theme makes me also think of the smell on a farm or in a zoo, the strong undisguised smells of animals,how they smell each others emotions, how they sniff each other and know...)



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