Samstag, 25. Mai 2013

drawing challenge: proverb or saying

We don´t know each other but we do...

... once I wrote these words in a comment at tiny WOOLF the blog.
Than one day I found a wonderful poem in my mailbox:

thank you dear tiny woolf Nadine!

The poem of Nadine means the worldww to me. It comes into my mind each time I´m thinking about our drawing challenge.
Concerning to the d.c. of today I made a little drawing, you might find yourself in it.
And be sure to visit Patrice, our fantastic host this weekend, to meet us there!

We don´t know each other but we do
ink, acrylic on paper; 28x21 cm.

Have a fine weekend where ever your heart is beating!

woolf and hearts made by Nadine


  1. Yes we do!!!!

    You know what I love about your work, or maybe the way you show it? At the first picture I think: OOOh I love this figure, and the second is nice as well and at the end I find out that it's one big work. I should know this by now but I'm still surprised at the end of every post;-)
    I like the snake(hihi) and the girl in pink very much!

  2. I love how your pages tell a story. Blessings!

  3. ganz, ganz großartig - der text und deine bilder mit nadines herzen und dem kleinen wolf! ein www-gemeinschaftsprojekt!
    liebe grüße von mano

  4. Stefanie your art always disturbs me. This is a good thing. Your art is powerful. It makes my heart beat a bit faster and makes me hold my breath [a lot!!] and makes me look and look and look. It makes me want to talk to you. Your lines seem simple but are the most complex in the story telling aspect. Awesome fabulous work!!! N, x
    p.s. that dancer held up by the dark figure and with the snake in the hair and with the putrifaction is the best. It is just the best.
    p.p.s. PLEASE understand that this is my own view and what I see and does not have to match your meaning, or what anybody else sees in it. I see putrifaction and I love it and that colour yellow is my favorite in the whole universe!! *smiles*
    p.p.s. okay stop me, but I have to say I love that third leg (as an arm.) Like I said...complex simple lines.

  5. Always so hard to comment right after Norma - she always seems to know just what to say. I try to think about what I want my comment to say before I press the comment - so that it is my comment - coming from my heart. I do want to comment on the beautiful words from Nadine - and your beautiful words - We don't know each other but we do - lovely words.
    As for your creation - so much to see in it, and yes I looked for myself and found myself a little timid amongst all the going on, but protecting another right over where my heart is. Beautifully done as always Stefanie.

  6. Liebe Stefanie,
    ich bin beeindruckt! I am impressed!
    You take here that wonderful poem by Nadeschda (love it, that you introduce her as a great poetess... she is!) and illustrate it as a beautiful drawing/painting... on a page of a notepad!
    The title... so true. You play together with us, we dance together with you...
    You know, I even love that together of the drawing challenges. For me it isn't important who make the 'best' artpiece... there is no single winner, we are all winners.
    And... that you add hearts and woolf to your picture is that sweet, lovely gesture. Thank you!


  7. und auf meinem Daumennagel ist eine Fliederblüte... eine Fortsetzung.

    x A.

  8. I think I found myself
    I can be the ladder
    anyone can put his foot on my first rung and
    climb, climb, climb
    and finally finds... nothing!!
    but can repeat the experience as often as desired.
    It's good to be a ladder right?
    (this one was a surrealist appreciation of myself)

    Ok. Lady. this is the first time that your work is so cryptic to me that I can not say anything about it
    which is not an obstacle for me to admire (your work, and you, you know)
    either, is an obstacle for me to enjoy it!

    do you know? it seems that the buildings are on fire.

    I wonder what happened to the little black heart that then covers the wolf? or not a heart?

    OK. many words and I said nothing.
    I love, is one of your best works, i think.
    Very good poem, it seems like an anonymous, those who send the kidnappers, is a good idea, congratulations to the writer, too!!!
    see you on the other side of the ladder!!!!

  9. well, you've hit a nail, to speak in so-called tongues... ;)))

    firstly, foremostly, i feel so humble, and grateful to you, to be taken in so by a few words scribbled on paper. that sounds pretty rude, don't it? but often it is that. words tumble on paper, and carry meaning. that is, after all, the power of word. {now all of the english mother tongue readers can also understand i do need a proofreader. any takers?}.

    i've read all of the lengthy comments and notice people do translate well what it is that makes your art so sticky and sticking to the brains. i think the sharing, which lives deep in you, is coming out here in a flabberghasting, provoking and also very sensible way. the senses it is you, very much, the surprise and the in-our-eyeaspect of your subjects is ofcourse your own inspiration talking. at least, this is how it feels for me.

    your piece is just so powerfully tying up all of our loose ends. we do come together.
    and thank you!
    i also wonder if this painting could be postcard material, besides its original format?

  10. such a wonderful
    and intimate
    love that you were inspired by it
    your art
    has me looking
    and looking some more

  11. Stefanie, my heart is full of joy, reading your wonderful words (and nadine's). I love our connections especially as you have pictured us all wrapped up together (my eyes lit up when I see the snake, gotta be me...) Love to you, one i know and don't know.

  12. from Nadine's lovely, touching poem to the last picture you got my full attention, how beautiful you connected us in this image (the blue made me feel very at home with this gang)
    yes one of my favorites too Stephanie, x

  13. what a beautiful poem!! and you've done it justice with your delicate and detailed painting- expressing the instant bond one can feel :)

  14. What I love about your work is that it is so very open, and yet I have to study it keenly to see what you are saying. The house tiara, the many figures, the sneaky devil, and the collaboration with gifts from a friend. So many layers to peek through . . .

  15. we don't know eachother but we do
    so, so true
    i feel connected with all of you
    and your drawing shows it so well
    again a circle, we are all different but
    connected with this drawing challenge
    sensing we know eachother

    thank you so much
    for joining this dc

    Patrice A.

  16. Wow. Was für ein schönes Gedicht!
    Du widmest ihm nur zu Recht ein ganzes Bild. Wie toll Du einen von den Details zum Ganzen führst, hach, das macht Spaß! Und das Blau flasht mich richtig, eine schöööne Farbe... Unterwasserblau, Nachthimmelblau, Blauestimmungblau. Dazu die goldigen Tupfen und ein Hauch von rosa. Dachte erst, die wäre ich, die in rosa, abtauchend ins Bild. Aber ich glaube, ich bin eher die mit dem Mond (oder der Banane) auf dem Kopf. Keine Ahnung warum, aber es fühlt sich so an. ;o)

  17. Ich hab mich gefunden, aber wo bleibt mein Geheimnis. Die Zeichnung ist wunderbar und das Gedicht auch. Beides zusammen lässt mich nicht mehr los! Danke fürs zeigen und liebe Grüße von Meike

  18. Wow ich habe eine Gänsehaut...einmalig Dein Gemälde, ja der ganze Post LG Conny


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