Samstag, 13. April 2013

drawing challenge: beauty

What a theme: beauty!
so many ideas...
it´s about love... I love to watch my husband and my children while they´re sleeping, that´s beauty to me, but sorry, no pictures for you.

Than I was looking at our home for beautiful objects, those like my favorites. Ok, there are some.
This morning I took a picture of my favorite breakfast in Ayurveda style (I think it´s the most beautiful way of cooking).

But finally:
Inspired by Nadine who is our beautiful host this week I would like to show you some pictures from a documentary I did in Roubaix near by the frontier of Belgique at a beautiful place called "chez Rita".
I was so young and I was so impressed, it was one of the best and most beautiful times in my live.
A challenge: I could not speak french, I just could see.
And last weekend going to Cologne I was remembering, too, because I used to change the train coming from Berlin (or back from Roubaix).
You know, people told me Roubaix was the most ugly town of France - not for me.

Have a beautiful weekend - habt ein schönes Wochenende!


  1. ich bin begeistert, liebe stefanie. wenn das dein zuhause ist, ist es wirklich SCHÖN!
    liebste grüße von birgit aus einem sonnigen k.

  2. Ah, I see, dear Stefanie,
    beauty is in your heart and Love is the answer!
    Love that pic with you laughing... ok, thats easy ;)
    xo Ariane

  3. beauty, ja.
    dieselbe für dich fürs wochenende!

  4. beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, right? ;-) beautiful pictures, never let anyone tekl what is beauty and what not! schönes wochenende für dich!

  5. Hey, I've read your post carefully. I love when people say something about themselves. Is human to tell others something about us, otherwise we are like vegetables that are not related to each other.
    Furthermore, I believe that sharing is a sign of friendship. Ok, blogger friendship is a rare friendship, but it is a new kind of friendship, why not?

    I loved all the photos you show here, including pictures of men, are pictures of beautiful men, but I think the photo which I prefer, is 7, (Your profile in shadow?)

    Have a nice week end, my beautiful blogger friend ♫ ♫ ♪

  6. You saw the beauty through your younger artist's eyes and now you are sharing it with us. Passing the beauty along to others......
    xo Carole

  7. Beautiful photos - inner beauty shining through.

  8. cool..
    knipsen ist auch nicht so einfach,
    nicht wahr?

  9. all of that chez rita? i want to visit that place! you've given me an appetite for life! i am impressed by that roofed little garden, how clever people can be with limited space. and i hugely enjoyed the paper man crushed by the mattress... hee hee.
    and ah yes, roubaix. hell, i want to go now.

    thxs for playing, stefanie. i completely understand your reluctance too, to show us your personal, affectionate home beauty... ;)))

  10. Wonderful images Stefanie! of what sounds like a very special time for you- fragmented glimpses of beauty are how we see each other...and I'm very curious about your Ayurveda breakfast ;)

  11. your first words made me smile
    and while reading further
    a bigger smile came on my face

    ugly places can feel beautiful
    when you really look and see
    which you did
    beautiful images
    and your smile is golden

    Patrice A.

  12. I love seeing the beauty of the everyday...especially somewhere so different then my everyday. I always love pictures with peoples hands in them. Beautifully done Stefanie

  13. Das ist wunderbar! Also wirklich wunderbar, weil man hier ganz besonders spürt, wie sehr der persönliche Blickwinkel Schönheit definiert. Manchmal sind es Erfahrungen, Erinnerungen, die Schönheit für uns erst schön machen, und jemand anderes spürt das vielleicht bei etwas ganz anderem. Gleichzeitig beweist es auch: in allem kann etwas Schönes liegen, selbst in Orten oder Momenten, die vielleicht auf den ersten Blick alles andere als schön erscheinen. Die Schönheit liegt eben im Auge des Betrachters, und Du lässt uns mit Deinen Augen diese schönen Momente sehen. Ich war nicht dabei und kann doch erahnen, wie schön es wohl war.

  14. Oh, wow - that second photo! Happy week, dear Stefanie.

  15. Deine Geschichte und die Bilder zeigen sehr schön, dass das Schöne genauso im alltäglichen, wie auch im Besonderen liegen kann, solange man das Herz und die Offenheit es zu hören, zu sehen und zu geniessen.

  16. Roubaix being the uggliest city of France? you definitely found beauty there that's obvious,i see lots of creativity here, laughter and music,team work and an intriguing roof

    they say someone's garbage is the other's treasure and i'm so happy that's the thruth, xx

  17. Oh gosh Stefanie, you took me to a wonderful spot. I drank it in, deeply. This capture in time makes it vibrant always. Love the greens, the flowers, the people, the, cooking, eating, talking, laughing. This is beautiful, seen through your beautiful eyes. N, xo


Danke - thank you - merci bien!