Samstag, 27. April 2013

drawing challenge 100: dance

(Untertitel: Eisprung - subtitle: ovulation)

Darf ich bitten - may I invite you --> dance (please follow the link to the movie - hier geht´s zum Video).

Do you have an idea which songs I listened?
I wanted to offer you some kind of a guessing game about the music but instead guess who did the t-shirt I´am wearing!

Es sollte ein Ratespiel werden: welche Songs habe ich gehört beim Tanzen? 
Aber ratet mal lieber, von wem das T-shirt ist, das ich anhabe!

Je danse donc je suis
dancing queen
Arno - laissez moi danser (could not find it at youtube but this might give an impression)

Go dancing now at Patrice who is our host this weekend - enjoy!


  1. Oh I really don't know which drawing I like the most, I love them all! The first one made me smile, the second one was so sweet, this little girl... And then the onces with pink! I love them! The second one has these dreamy eyes... I imagine you this way... "the time is now"....hihi!

  2. i like how your preps culminate into this celebratory "100th" piece. your girl sure loves dancing... it's always the details that add to your drawn stories too. and the songs you've listened to make it complete! {i am amazed at your awe for arno.}

  3. das eisprungbild versüßt mir den tag. so nett.
    liebe grüße von ulma

  4. tRaumtänzelnd. so fein.
    liebe gRüße. käthe.

  5. I love your drawings!
    Your video made me smile too :)

  6. That video is spectacular! Your ideas are great, I guess that every day, when I see what you do, I admire more and more to your brain.
      Mmmmm, you make very difficult questions. I guess you're dancing Dancing Queen (for the crown you wear) but would be very obvious. could be the song that dances BB .... maybe. The last song, I do not think, because I think got a slower pace.
    the shirt? ... I have no idea. but it is very beautiful.
    Oh!!!! your art!
    to see it, it kills me
    is so perfect!
    Ovulation: the bird inside the dress, with an egg inside, is the perfect image for the title, or vice versa.
    the latter might be called Sexual Dance in Red Cloud, or Sexual Stairway to Hell. (sorry, I should not intrude on your art)
    OK. Each day, seeing your art, you leave me speechless.
    byeeeeeeeeeeeeee have a nice weekend!

  7. I just saw! Celine made ​​the T- shirt!!!!!!! I should imagine, but I was not sure it was a rabbit who danced into a dress :)))!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Stefanie, My favorites are the first, second and last of these drawings - always magically exceptional, your work!
    So happy to be dancing around Blogland with this music in my head today. xxoo, sus

  9. Hello Stefanie, it's a joy to look at you dancing, you look so free. The figurines in your paintings look so shy. I was asking myself: are they really dancing?? But in the fourth image I see peeping eyes and the girl seems to fly away. She did it! I love her!

  10. Hi Stefanie, your dance made me smile and so thankful for being a blogging friend with you and all the dc artists. You done such lovely work I can't choose a favourite. Keep dancing! xo Carole

  11. Ein zartes, leises Lächeln zum Abend hin... Lieben Gruß Ghislana

  12. Stefanie, Stefanie, Stefanie, your art always makes me FEEL. I get more feeling, than thinking, because the feeling makes me sad sometimes and the ladder ones make me sad so I don't want to think about why, or about possible meanings. I am not afraid of sad, I just want to feel happy right see the dancing. There is so much here. So many lines and they are so brilliant. I mean learned and intelligent, while they look so innocent and simple at first glance. I wished I could talk to you in person in front of these because we would chat quite a while I am certain. I love what you do!!!! N, xo
    p.s. Roberto you are one of a kind; a jewel.

  13. Es ist wirklich schwer zu sagen welche Zeichnung mir am besten gefällt. Wieder ein wunderbarer Beitrag zur challenge .. vielen dank .

  14. Oh Stefanie, what a wonderful dance you do! In person and on the page. Your creations are amazing - I can not choose a favourite, I just keep looking and looking! beautiful dance.

  15. wow!!!
    3 & 4 are fantastic! Stefanie
    really love them all. Your drawing style suits this challenge.


  16. Hihi, der Post begann schon mit einem Lächeln...der Eisprung, ein monatlicher Tanz könnte man sagen. ;o)
    Dann die Nr.2, ich mag ihre Frisur, ihre Ringelstrümpfe und ist das gar ein Häuserslip, den sie drunterträgt?!
    Nr.3 und 4 könnten zwei Seiten eines Daumenkinos sein, die Momente kurz vor und dann im Sprung.
    Und die drehbare 5 verändert ihre Wirkung enorm, alledings erscheint mir der Aufprall von der Leiter herab etwas blutig...sie haben sich doch hoffentlich nichts Ernstes getan dabei?
    Bloß gut, dass beim Party-Bild wieder alle fröhlich sind!
    Und dann noch die Musik...vor allem die legendäre Tanz-Szene mit Brigitte - super! Der Kracher ist aber natürlich das Tanz-Rate-Video!! Obwohl ich keine Ahnung habe, wozu Du getanzt haben könntest... ;o)
    Frohe Sonntagsgrüße,

  17. Wunderbar deine Bilder! Ein Augenschmaus!

  18. these are quite wonderful and a joy to see!

  19. these are so moving and full of little details I love! the ladder one is especially alluring and makes me feel almost dizzy with the movement of it :)

  20. i just knew this would be your theme
    and look at all your beuatiful work
    i was right! ;^))

    i just LOVE that first painting
    the bird and the egg, the colors
    her face, three legs
    all, all, ALL
    can you please make this one
    into a postcart or poster?
    and that was only the first
    i love your whole post
    and the young Brigitte, just lovely!

    thank you for playing
    and dancing!!!

    Patrice A.

  21. Einfach phänomenal !! <3 <3
    Eins schöner wie das andere !!


  22. was für schöne tanzbilder! besonders das erste und das vierte berühren mich besonders! fein!
    alles liebe

  23. Liebe Stefanie,
    das Eisprungbild ist wirklich klasse! And as Patrice has said here... please... you have a shop...!

    Und, Deine Bilder berühren mich jedesmal... anfangs spürte ich die Traurigkeit stark... doch nun, ich weiss nicht, wie es passierte, wann und wodurch, fühle ich hier mehr eine Leichtigkeit und Freunde!

    Ich liebe Deinen Tanz zwischen beiden Polen. So lebendig.

    xo Ariane.

  24. wunderschön - ich mag 3 und 4 ganz besonders, sie haben eine leichtigkeit, die mich zum schweben führt.
    und die 100er-zeichnung ist so toll - gibt es ein neues zigarettenheft?
    liebe grüße von mano

  25. i can stay here and look at these for a very long time ,
    witty, funny, clever, touching, beautiful...and again and again, each one of them and even upside down :)
    you are a drawer of emotions,they reveal themselves like sprouting foliage 'till i can clearly feel them myself,

  26. What a fabulous post! Gorgeous drawings, delightful are always inspiring.


Danke - thank you - merci bien!