Freitag, 1. März 2013


Mit diesen Freitagsfüßen verabschiede ich mich ins Wochenende.
Herzlichen Dank für das große Interesse an meinem Büchlein, ich werde also tatsächlich eine weitere Auflage anfertigen.
Habt ein wundervolles Wochenende!

Many thanks for your interest in the artist booklet, so I´m going to make a second edition.  
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. oh!
    and it's friday today!
    oh, and yes! i dig it!
    you've just posted...

    stefanie, the thing is in the envelope, now to run to the post office. by which i mean, almost on its way... ;)))

  2. still warm wintry feet but the eggs are a bit of Spring :) x

  3. hab ein schönes wochenende.
    ich freue mich schon sehr auf das büchlein.
    liebe grüße von ulma

  4. I like all these pictures
    a little more, I like the picture 2.
    a little more, picture 3.
    but the one I like is the picture that you took while you were waiting in the hairdresser's salon!!!
    Good weekend for you!

  5. this series tells so much about your days, stefanie. blessings over the weekend, sus (those pink slippers)!

  6. schöne fliegenpilzpuschen!
    ich freu mich sehr auf neue büchleins!
    liebe grüße von mano, hab es schön am wochenende

  7. How the light catches the egg shape. How the shadow counterpoints the caught light. How the shell so strong and yet so fragile sits exposed in this setting...the drama and beauty all at the same time. I like this a lot. Have a good weekend Stefanie! N, x

  8. liebe die photo's und schön um so ins wochenende zu wandern! ich hoffe du hast mehr sonne als wir hier:-( lieber gruss!

  9. Hallo Stefanie, you have beautiful socks and such cosy slippers. They look like soft crocks. You had snow, but also eggs. First sign of spring! And I see small feet and lovely pink slippers. And it's not your hair being cut, I think. You have a daughter?
    Your little booklets are great and very inspiring :) I want to make a booklet too! auf wieder sehen.

  10. was füße alles erzäglen können ;)

    sehr fein.

    liebe grüße . tabea


Danke - thank you - merci bien!