Dienstag, 19. März 2013

Agenda 2013 and a winner - eine Gewinnerin

daily project 6. - 18.3.

Die Gewinnerin des giveaway ist Anne - herzlichen Glückwunsch, vielen Dank an alle für´s Mitspielen!
The giveaway goes to Anne - congrats to you and thank you all for playing!


  1. I love the little hand, not your hand, the hand drawed.
    ok also your hand! :)
    maybe MARZO, it's a crown?
    see youuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. Ah. I'm a fool, I just realize that the little hand is the hand of March 10!
    Oh .... a charm broken :(

  3. vogelgepiesel, wie nett.
    liebe grüße von ulma

  4. Oh, I forgot to say congratulations to the winner!!!!!

  5. and....Yes I understood, thanks to the brand of lenses "Google Translator"
    Ha Ha, not, really, when I read that you wrote: "The Little Prince" I realized what you were talking about. ok

    I want you to tell me one thing, the truth, with your heart. OK?

    do I not ruin my drawing painting the edge with black ink? I think so. but once done, there was no going back :(((( tell me the truth

  6. Yes, yes, I understand, thank you very much, I'm very interested in your opinion.
    I do not know, full black color (when there is color, gives me goosebumps)
    but I'm impulsive, I decided to put black on the edge, and without thinking I did, but I did not like the result.
    ok. Thanks, again, not always everything goes well, haha :)

  7. oh, I think with so many comments, I am already a spam on your blog, sorry.

  8. 300 Verkäufe und ein Jubelschrei.
    Wie wunderbar!

  9. Hi, Madame!!!
    Have a nice weekend!!!!
    you know, husbannd, children, red wine, music, logs in the fire (I hope spring is already there)some tasty meal and plenty of inspiration so you can fill papers and papers with beautiful drawings!!!

  10. so lovely...the wind blown hair...beautiful, each of them .


Danke - thank you - merci bien!