Montag, 25. Februar 2013


Just some details, I´m not satisfied at all...
Ein paar Details von letzter Woche, bin überhaupt nicht zufrieden...


  1. why not happy? I'm cheering for you, this painting has so many wonderful elements, maybe you just need to step back a little seem exhausted!

  2. das im zweiten bild festgehaltene detail finde ich ganz großartig.
    auf mehr zufriedenheit oder genauer: erkennen von zufriedenheitsanlässen (sie sind da!), liebe stefanie!

  3. that's the way it goes, sometimes we're not satisfied ;) sometimes we want to try out something else and it doesn't seem to work but we are on our way to something, no? or it's just a phase that will pass,

    to me all those details look beautiful,i like the glowing in your work, as if there's light coming out of it, x

  4. Liebe Stefanie,
    Deine Bilder sind so zauberhaft, Du machst sehr viel Freude damit, diese uns zu zeigen - dafür vielen Dank.
    Hab eine gute Woche.
    GlG Barbara

  5. Stefanie, you are a great artist, (this is obvious, I did not discover anything) I believe we do not say to someone, "you are a great artist", to make a compliment, we say it because, for oneself, is a satisfaction to know somehow, (speaking, writing a comment or an email) we feel that we are close to a great artist, is like saying, "I was there" when an important event occurred, or "I saw it"... then I say to you, "you are a great artist", you say "thank you", and I think: my word came to her,
    is somehow like the applause, I applaud. you hear it. you say thank you, and I know you know I'm here. means?
    ok. this mess of words. was suggested to me by the beautiful picture that you show here. because that picture, (you lying on the floor) gives me the idea that you live in art, into art, your day is surrounded by art
    and a simple picture, to show you in your study with your picture behind, is, in itself very artistic.
    OK, I do not know why you are not satisfied (actually, yes, I know, artists are never satisfied with what he does) because for me, this painting is perfect. :)))
    Have a nice and artistic day, great artist!!!!

  6. ich finde sie wunderschön, deine details und das fast ganze im letzten foto mit dir. aber ich weiß wie das ist mit der nicht-zufriedenheit. lass es ein wenig wirken...
    liebe grüße und viel zuversicht, mano

  7. After a week of 'not satisfied at all' with progress at my own studio, I can really empathize with you, Stefanie. I agree with the other commentators, there are strong elements here - and the start is the most difficult, don't you find? Best wishes, sus

  8. Ich mag das bild aber wir können naturlich alle sagen was wir wollen: wenn du selber nicht zufrieden bist, hilft es vielleicht nu ein wenig... ich kenne das gefühl. Vielleicht das bild kurz an der seite stellen und dann weiter machen? Ich mag das photo sehr von dir und das bild, finde ich super toll! Es sagt wie du dich fühlst. Ich wünsche dir das du dich besser fühlst!!!!
    (ist meine post eigentlich angekommen? sollte eigentlich schon da sein...)

  9. I think it looks wonderful... but I also know that is important to be happy with it yourself. I hope after some time you will like it, or make the changes so that you like it. There are so many elements that I think are so perfect.... the crown of houses and how it joins with the small strip of colour running across the top.... the little house settled into the bottom corner where I find so much energy.... the circle containing life inside the larger person.. the lack of colour surrounded by color... and so many other bits..... I hope you can make it what you need it to be... best wishes

  10. This looks like a very emotional subject, and emotions can be exhausting. I think it's beautiful, but it gives me a sad feeling. There is an overall tenderness, in the figure, the colors and emotions, that makes it very special and very you.

  11. Oh Stefanie, I know how it feels! Sometimes I'll sit my painting on the mantle in my living room for a few days until I figure out what it needs to make it feel more satisfying. xo Carole

  12. Da liegt sie auf dem Boden und ist unzufrieden. Ich kenne das Gefühl. Alle sagen was anderes, aber man selbst ist streng mit sich. Da helfen keine Komplimente. Ich mach trotzdem eins: ich mag besonders das letzte Detail. Das allein als Bild/ als Postkarte, ich würde es mir SOFORT hinhängen! Trotz Deiner ungewohnt bunten Farben oder auch gerade deshalb.


Danke - thank you - merci bien!