Samstag, 23. Februar 2013

drawing challenge: glass

glasses in my studio

 a very important carafe of glass

glasses at home in my kitchen

a tiny glass from a hotel in milano
now filled with white acrylic

And another everyday glass:
I use it for drinking my hot or cold water.

More glass at the great Susan.
Thanks for visiting
and have a nice weekend!



  1. malgläser. manche dinge sehen überall gleich aus. ein schöner gedanke.
    liebe grüße ins wochenende °°°ulma

  2. You know, I like gossiping within the intimacy of artists
    and, obviously, I like these pictures :)) a lot!!

    I noticed that in your study have very good light!

    Oh, Santa Rosa. I live in Santa Rosa, haha ​​this is a beautiful little bottle, me too, would have brought it to my house.

    You drink hot water?
    do you feel some pleasure?
    looks at my surprised face:

    Have a nice weekend!!!

  3. that last image THE BEST!
    I love those jam-jars
    my father saves them for me
    I have never used them as a water-glass
    but I will
    from now on

    have a fine weekend!
    Patrice A.

    and that first image/drawing
    of your 22.02.13 post
    I so LOVE the housecrowns
    maybe I will make a linocut ones
    if that is ok with you....

  4. Roberto makes me smiling... because of hot water...
    dear Stefanie,
    of course even hot water!
    And I like your glasses of your studio and your glasses at home very much, too. In a real artist's home :)

    What kind of stones do you use in your at home carafe? and isn't the screw-cap annoying you during drinking?

    Wish you a happy weekend...
    xo cheers,

  5. Lovely goopy painted glass, beautiful!

  6. Ha, your paint stained glasses make me laugh. Your jam glass is beautiful. Cheers too, Stefanie. xo Carole

  7. Stefanie

    its great to see your working glass in studio much loved from lots of use!
    I keep jam jars too and use them for serving up homemade compotes or dips or table decoration and yes even drinking from them.

    I worked with a man who was from china and he would start every morning with a hot glass of water as it was not seen as a good thing to start the day with a cold liquid in your stomach.

    I understand Roberto though when you wake up and outside its already hitting 30 degrees you just want a cold drink of water.

    Helen x

  8. i recognize 'bonne maman',
    i recognize the empty jars in the studio, used a reused 'till it's definitely time for some new ones but the 'dirty' ones feel so comforting ;)
    beautiful last shot, really! xx

  9. geniale idee zum thema!!
    bonne mamans gibt es bei mir auch diverse...
    liebe grüße und danke für diesen schönen post, der mir viel spaß gemacht hat! skål!
    lieben gruß gen süden, mano

  10. Oh this post is a collection of questions...what was enjoyed from that cup, what was created, how many brushes dipped... I posted a colorful rim of a studio cup, too. Like minded! Yum, santa rosa.

  11. Stefanie, i feel i know you better from these revealing glimpses of your glasses. especially beautiful to me are the studio glass photos. I raise me glass to you! -sus

  12. I worked with a woman from Hong Kong many years ago. I was young and she was an older wiser woman. She drank warm water. I was shocked. I used to drink hot strong coffee by the cupfuls. I am only now starting to enjoy warm water but I have to confess that I add lemon and ginger and then heaps of honey. I haven't quite got there yet but I do know it is healthy to drink warm water.
    p.s. maybe I'll try a shot of whiskey in with the water. HA! *smiles* N, x
    In any event, my dear, a raised glass to you. Have fun...

  13. you've got me now!
    you drink from a bonne maman glass?

  14. Die Idee, Malgläser zu dokumentieren, ist grandios. Und Bonne Maman esse ich doch auch so gerne! Macht sich überraschend gut als Trinkglas.


Danke - thank you - merci bien!