Samstag, 2. Februar 2013

drawing challenge: discovery

discovery - Entdeckung

You open the book 
behind the curtain
you see me
but how to discover my face?

much more to discover at Emily - mehr zu entdecken gibt es bei Emily
have a suspenseful weekend - habt ein spannendes Wochenende!

cigarette paper booklet
pages from a bible, acrylic, button, tea bag paper, graphite on paper, glue.

Bibelseiten, Acryl, Knopf, Teebeutelpapier, Bleistiftzeichnung, Kleber.


  1. oh. entspannt sie sich dann auch wieder, wenn das büchlein zu gemacht wird? ansonsten ist das ja ein harter job. das leben als enthüllung!

    von »außen« betrachtet ein putziges büchlein ;)

    liebe grüße . tabea

  2. Listen my friend, you know that for me, a window or a door are magical places to which one should dare to cross?... because when you crossed it, you change a reality for other. Imagine, for example, when you leave your house and "you come in" to the street.
    Something similar happens with this work of yours
    from the moment you're getting the band that binds the little "book?" you know that you are going to see another reality
    (you know, when you go out to the street you're going to see, people, cars, etc ... but there is something more that one can never expect to see, there is a random, unpredictable situations)
    you open your "book" and there you see the naked woman's body, but ...
    there is something else you did not think ... her face is not seen, how will be the face of this woman? there is a random, unpredictable situation on your art ;)
    Great, I like one more time what you do!

  3. wunderschön.
    liebe grüße °°°u.

  4. Diese Geste geht weit über die hinaus, die Kinder machen, wenn ihnen etwas unangenehm ist... das Augen schließen und sich damit aus der Situation, dem Blickkontakt zu entziehen. Liebe Stefanie, Deine Frau will unerkannt bleiben... aus Scham oder Spiel...? ist ihr Geheimnis. Geben die Bibelseiten ein Hinweis?
    Wunderschönes, intimes Büchlein.
    Wonderful, intimate booklet! And, as Roberto said, there is a special atmosphere in your art.

    x Ariane.

  5. Ihren Körper können wir enthüllen, das Gesicht bleibt unsichtbar. Hände wegradieren wäre jedenfalls keine Option. Man möchte das Büchlein lieber wieder schließen, um ihr ihre Privatheit wieder zurückzugeben. Aber doch immer wieder kurz nachsehen, ob sie noch da ist.

    Eine weitere ganz besondere Arbeit aus Deiner Feder!

  6. wirklich, eine ganz besondere arbeit! ich finde sie wunderbar.
    liebe grüße von mano

  7. naked woman covering her face , a penetrating image, the body only a part of her, another part she hides, keeps it to herself,
    body and soul, connected, we discover her body, she choses when she shows us more
    or we know our outside but we discover slowly who we really are

    beautiful small work , big story, x

  8. Stefanie, I love your work. It is so immediate to the heart and a pleasure to look at, even when the themes are charged with some heavy symbolism. Like the opening up of the book, peering in, moving layers. Thank you for sharing. Also for participating!

  9. I'll echo Renilde's comment about knowing our outside and slowly we uncover who we really are- that is just how I felt looking at your piece
    very poignant!

  10. Dynamite discovery, my dear Stefanie! the tiny book made from so very interesting materials - and the idea of a curtain - excellent. xxoo, sus

  11. We discover your face by making you laugh dear Stefanie! Love your art. Love this cigarette paper book. Layered and with wonderful things unseen, like you in the image, layered and with wonderful things unseen...until we make you laugh...that is! *smiles* Norma, x

  12. I too loved the discovery of this book... not seeing her face adds to the mystery.


Danke - thank you - merci bien!