Montag, 21. Januar 2013


Ein kleiner Gruß aus meinem Atelier - staune immer noch über die Farbwahl auf dem größeren Format; ob das so überleben wird... ich glaub´s ja nicht.

A tiny hello from my studio - still wondering about the colours on the bigger size one, I don´t believe they will survive. 
But I had fun painting in yellow, orange and green.

Thank you so much for your comments on the d.c. crown post and for taking part - you´re so great, I appreciate a lot! And there are still some of you I´m going to visit soon I hope.

Vielen Dank für die vielen Kommentare zum letzten drawing challenge und für´s Mitmachen, hat mich so sehr gefreut - kommt gut in die neue Woche!


  1. aber die farben würden einem genauso über den winter retten helfen;)
    herzliebst an den bodensee aus anderen verschneiten landen von birgit

  2. In der Tat. Ganz schön farbenfroh für Deine Verhältnisse. Gefällt mir aber und macht Lust auf Frühling.

  3. How I like to see the work in progress!
    and to see where an artist works!!!
    dirty brushes, the paint cans, paint stains on the floor!!
    for me, to be in front of this painting unfinished, is as exciting as seeing it finished
    it's like being in front of a road at a point where there are infinite bifurcations
    which will be chosen by the artist?
    is not extremely exciting?

  4. Hey, I returned to "Crown" and discovered the man's head! I had not seen before!!!!!
    That is the best picture of the entire series!
    the space where the man's head is, (I assume your husband) is the exact point at which the mystery of that picture is!!!! :)))
    I loved that picture
    BTW. what happened to the head of a deer? I would have liked to see it finished :(((

  5. mir gefällt ja die regenstruktur auf dem ersten bild sehr gut!

    liebe grüße am abend . tabea

  6. Gosh, Stefanie, I love seeing your painting in progress. That little red gem especially... Off to look at crowns. love, sus


Danke - thank you - merci bien!